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Penimaster Questions and Frustrations


Penimaster Questions and Frustrations

Hey all

Just got the Penimaster a month or so ago and ever since I got it it’s been a pain to get it
Strapped on nicely without a cold and discolored head

Just wondering people who use the Penimaster, do you find that the Penimaster base sits
Firmly against your private region during stretching even at a 6’clock stretch?

I’ve been looking into modified heads because of how annoying and frustrating I found this one,
But still haven’t found much luck even with the suckxtender

Would any of you recommend me purchasing the auto-extender modified head for my pm
As it looks like almost the only product without the noose/strap design?

Still deciding whether or not to get the auto-extender head as I am in Australia
And the aus dollar to us dollar is very poor:( but well worth it if it’s going to mean
I will be wearing the extender for longer and seeing results:)

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated

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I use the 12 oclock position as I don’t want to damage my suspens ligament personally - and keep my upwards aiming dick.

That being said, the base of my PM is still kind of pushing into the ligament and a little painful but nothing too bad.

I’m using the stock head for the PM - and while the head of my dick is blue or slightly blue- it’s really not too cold or numb and I don’t think it’s too bad (I find it extremely comfy for the first hour)

I wouldn’t recommend getting a replacement head unless you truely need one, wait and see how you find the stock head - cause after getting used to it, it’s not too bad.

I’m only doing 2 hours every second day so 14 hours a fortnight, I probably will need to increase this but I’m just at the start right now.

I found when placed at 6; the head become colder faster, and its presses against my nuts. At 12, there is hardly any coldness, and its more easier to wear. I guess better circulation to the penis.

I just got the auto-ext in the post, will let you know how I get on with it.

I briefly tried it out, and struggled a little bit (uncut) but could see how with a bit of patience it could be just the thing to banish noose/ligature style extenders.

Will try it out tonight if I get a chance, and report back.


I made a modified captn’s wench for my PM and have been VERY happy with the way it holds everything in place. Instead of a 2” wench, I made a 1” version with round grippers that fits into the slots of the tray to hold the glans end of my penis in place. There are other things that you can use to “strap in” like a velcro cable tie used for bundling computer cables. That is more comfortable than the supplied strap but does not grip as well as my modified wench. Somebody else mentoined using a silicone strap from a scuba mask but I haven’t tried that.

For me, it takes a while for the pressure of the PM to work its way through my fat pat and nestle down into position. I keep an eye on the tension marks and when I can see 3 or more, I tighten it up, thus pushing it further into the fat pad.

Good luck and good gains!

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Thanks for the feedback, yea I don’t really feel like spending the money
On the auto-ext just yet,

Guess I’ll go back to experimenting with the original head, might go get
Some better wrapping material too:)

Will have a go at making the modified captn’s wench head too

Does anyone wear there pm without wrapping?

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Yea I wear it without the wrapping, for some reason it cuts the blood flow for me faster.

Also on making you own head, one guy in here did a vacum head for the PM.

Oh, I don’t know if you have the pinching problem, but try to keep a finger inside the strap when you tighting down. Tighten down the non finger side first, about 3 notches, then tighten down the finger side as tight as you can go, use you finger to push you head away from the strap, then slip the finger out.

Although I’ve never used a PM, if you’re looking for a good wrap, search the forums for the “HTW: It’s A Wrap!” thread. I use it for hanging and it has made a huge difference in keeping my glans warm and pink relative to the wrap I was originally using (theraband/ACE combo).

Use mine without wrapping no problems.

Hey you guys who put your penimaster’s on without wrapping

Do you have considerably big’ish glans so it doesn’t slip off or you make it so
It’s just tight enough to hold the stretch without stopping blood flow?

Cause I find my glans are too small to hold the belt strap there:(

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Marsh; you have to remember the key word with the PM is traction, not stretching. When you toss on too much weight you cut off the circulation faster.

Yep gotta remember that:) , and another thing

How can I get my pm to keep the 1 o’clock angle it just falls down to a 6 o’clock all the time

My pm doesn’t seem to be nicely positioned on my pubic region it just sorta dangles sort of making it more like
A weight device than a traction one?

How would I get the base to sit firmly on my pubic region? Any ideas

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You are wearing it under you clothes? You clothing should keep it in a upright position, if you go above your belt line, just wear a undershirt, as a safety precaution.

Yea I am wearing it with clothes, hmm so if I was to wear it nude it would not stay in the upright position

By itself? Would it just flop down

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Well that depends on each person; I would figure it would stay or be around your LOT number. If you have a six oclock lot, then its going to flop down, if it’s 1 or 3 it should be in that area, because of your ligs.

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