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Penimaster or bib hanger

Penimaster or bib hanger

I’ve been doing the newbie routine for a few months now. And want to get a device. Was wondering what is a good device to use? I was looking at either the PeniMaster or bib hanger, what are your opinions on these devices? Thanks

Hanging and using an extender are very different things, and thus these devices are not really comparable. You have to read read read and decide the type of PE you want to do.

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Klayton is right: you are comparing oranges and apples. If you feel that a medium time, medium to high load approach is good for your penis, you should go for the hanger; if you think a low, prolonged tension is better for you, than an extender should be your choice.

As for buying, do a search for “homemade”, with the “Title thread only” option.

Originally Posted by Klayton
Hanging and using an extender are very different things, and thus these devices are not really comparable. Y

Can someone explain why are they are so different?

One is traction based while the other is gravity pulled. You can’t really hang with clothes on, but you can wear a traction device under clothes. So the notion of how much time you can invest is important.

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Well from what I gather so far, they both result in extending the penis for a prolonged time.. The Penimaster seems better..

That is, until I decide that I may want more heavier pull on my penis later in the future, then I will have to get the Bib Hanger.

Extenders [PeniMaster is one] might exert 1000 grams at full draw— I’ve never managed more than 250 grams.

Bib will permit you to hang multiple pounds— I’ve gotten up to 20 lbs for 10 minute sets.

The two are more complimentary than competitive

Search deeply and do your research.

Personally, I would say Monte’s PE weights and a Vac hanger. His weights are simple and they work better than a regular ADS being as they are comfortable and pull more. The vac hanger will not damage you as long as you don’t wear it to the point of getting water blisters, I LOVE mine.

Is there a website I can check out that sells Monte PE weights and vac hangers?


Bib Hanger


you really need to start using the search function. Otherwise you’ll just end up bugging people with questions that have been answered multiple times before = no answers to your questions.

regards, mgus

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