Penileglans damage and anorgasmia

Hello guys .. I am 24 years old circumcised male at 17 and had revision due to ugly circ at 19..

I will try to break my problem in 3 stages, all which had unique assemblage of problems and symptoms..

First , at september last year, I decided to undergo penis exercising.. My penis is 16 cm long and has curvature which I can remember has been with me my whole life.. It is slight upward curvature but it doesn’t actually curve, it more looks like it breaks upward.. At that breaking spot it has alot of prominent and visible veins and arteries.. Anyway I have decided to jelq, use stretcher and penis pump.. I used pump before now and than but this time I did this 5 days in a row.. After that I had my scrotalized skin advance forward and my testicles started getting pulled in front.. I stopped after that and in october I had 3 15minute sessions of pumping only.. After I had done last one I went to toilet and had sharp pain throughout my urethra at beginning of fluid’s not like normal ones I had from time to time.. This one literally felt like my glans penis and scrotum are being torn apart.. And it lasted for a minuted after which it subdued.. At that time I noticed small brown patch on left side of my glans, and next time I had pulled out penis during intercourse to ejaculate I couldn’t get an orgasm.. Basically I could feel build up, stuff going up to glans, but at the glans it just dissapears and semen shoots out.. Not glans feeling, no body feeling.. I don’t know if its due pain I had or anything else.. I also noticed I had altered sense of pleasure during intercourse and much harder to masturbate.(my penis had always little pleasure since circumcision, but I was always aroused in my mind) this time I started felling premature moment ,without any tension build during the sex itself unless I go fast and vigorously.. In flaccid state I also had altered touch sense and weird sparkle,pin,needle or burn sensation at glans which were going down my leg to foot.. I can’t say where does it originate.. But when I squeeze my feet it stops

I assumed its nerve damage so I contacted Uro and dermatologist for patch.. I gotten vitamin e and b Cremes and my sensitivity slightly improved but orgasms were lacking.. Size and elasticity were same..

It wasn’t until few weeks later I realized I can orgasm with masturbation and when I cum INSIDE my wife, instead of pulling out and finishing with hand.. That had gotten me to check hormones and in January this year I was diagnosed with 2ndary hypogonadism (all hormones were in normal range but at the lower end of it.. Including test,t3,fsh,lh etc)..

I am a bodybuilder so I decided to try to cure myself by adding more testosterone.. I embarked to a next cycle which had testosterone, proviron and few orals gotten in.. At same time I took arginine, ginko and other stuff that could improve blood flow.. Stuff seemed to get better.. Especially libido, energy, orgasms when I can get them and satisfaction with sex.. The pain and needles also went away

However that libido made me have alot of sex.. Sometimes even 3 times daily..
For UNKNOWN REason yet to my head, I decided to try taking a pump smoothly for 15 mins one day, just to engorge him a bit more for next sexual encounter.. I didn’t go like I did before, but at one point I pumped him to max for 30 sec.. As soon as I pulled out ,30 sec later I felt that feeling of pins and needles again and from that point till now my world started dying.. In next few weeks I lost ability to orgasm in my fiance, there was dark purple bruise on left and right sides of my glans(not the brown patch) I could see small red lumps under and skin texture started getting dry and cracked.. I reduced sex to 2 times a week and noticed I lose feeling and erections can’t always last well enough without me heavily mentally focusing..

Long story short, uro checked ultrasound said its all ok, that it is probably due my hormones being supressed and that I should continue having sex..

By that time 7 months past.. I still had feeling in some parts, which started diminishing after each sex.. I DON’t UNDERSTAND HOW CAN THEY ADVISE THAT.. At that time I noticed that part of my glans that were pink and shiny ,started becoming PALE, DARK AND CRACKED, I could feel hot cold or touch but not sexual sensitivity.. Also my penis became really hard and I coulddnt flex it like I did at plaque spot.. It was so stiff and hard and inflexible.. I had few more spots left which I could felt.. I finally decided to abstain on my own FOR 2 weeks and I managed to feel orgasm when I masturbated, I felt glans I felt everything.. It was wonderful.. We also managed to repeat that few days later by blow job.. But after that skin texture got worse and we kept trying more, thus wearing it down even more and cracking the remaining skin.. That happened month ago.. I bought TLC tugger to restore foreskin but was using only cone and it was pleasurable having my foreskin remnant on my glans.. It isnt anymore.. I can barely feel it.. The redness that was there started expanding up until we had too much sex again..

Now.. I am suffering next symptoms, premature ejaculation, no feeling of glans during sex or orgasm, semi rigid erections that are stiff, no reflex feeling(when someone touches you on a sensitive spot you HAVE To kegel),small sperm quantities, low libido,depression etc.. I felt great when I took HCG to restore my hormones.. I will check them again to see if there was any improvement ..

My question is ,since I read what you wrote about possible regeneration.. If I have ability to get an erection and get to ejaculation, sometimes feel pleasure and orgasm is there way with hormonal methods (such as HGH, prostagladins ,NO and such) that over time my body restores my functioning? What worries me is that 9months passed and I ruined my receptors with steroids and damaged my penis with sex.. But I could get orgasm literately 1 month ago which isn’t far away.. Please I would like your opinion on this.. My world is crumbling down.. I havent used pump since march and before that since november