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Penile Damage...

Penile Damage...

When reading some of the posts, there always seems to be a ‘not-for-newbie’ clause. They also state that you could ‘damage’ your penis… Does anyone know of anyone who has actually caused damage (permenant or otherwise) to their penis? Or is it just the same as ‘this product *MAY* contain nuts’ type of warning?



I think most PE’ers that have been doing this for awhile have had minor injuries. I have had a couple of minor thrombosed veins”clogged”. Most of the injuries I have heard of have been minor. But you can hurt yourself bad if your not carefull. You really have to listen to your body. If you are jelqing and your dick hurts it’s time to be smart and stop. You have to listen to the warning that your body may give you and you have to give your penis time to recover. When your a newbie your really need to be carefull.


what exactly is this thombozzed vein problem? I am unfamiliar with it? Does it stop peing for life? A long time? A short duration? Can you work around it? TT

Toughening it up

Wen you’re new you can’t do strecthces, jelqs, hanging and stuff with any of the intensity that you need to because your dick feels like it’s been run over by a truck if you try to go too fast—- and you get red blotches — of blood under the skin from minor broken blood vessels etc.

ou have to work up over some months to the heavy duty stuff.

It’s just like body building or any other form of exercise in that respect.

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