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Penile Curvature question

Penile Curvature question

I heard that it is useful in hitting the G-spot in women.. but which one?? the “—-/” or “—-" or both? first is upward curve and second is down.

Curvature is something that is different for every woman, some like it, some dont.

My wife for example doesnt mind some curve, but prefers a straighter dick. Which i am working on :D

Curve is nice for positions like cupping, doggie, and some sideways. You must become a master of your dick. My wife moves around my dick, i start my rhythm and sometimes my wife will adjust herself to accomodate my curve. When this happens, i just continue to pound away, as if i move, then it throws her pleasure off. Yet on the flip side, the master of your dick thing comes back into play. If you know how to use your curve, you can move around as much as you want, yet make sure that your not hurting her otherwise your sexual escapades may come to a halt.

if you are trying to touch the culdesac aka epicenter, which is the most sensitive spot in there, it helps to have a slight upcurve, if youre on top or in front of her. if you are trying to touch that spot from the back, it helps to have a downcurve;)

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