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Starting out at a shade over 6” EL and 4.25 EG

I’ll let you guess where I wan to improve..

I have been doing a moderate routine for 3 weeks now and haven’t noticed any real size gains. It does feel harder and more ‘meaty” but actual gains I can’t tell.

Heres what I’ve been doing..

Hot wrap..
Milking Jelq for x amounts of time then I do a squeeze type of motion where it really forces the blood up in there, then I usually take a shower.. I have worked my way up to this over the 3 weeks to now do 3 days on 1 off 2 on 1 off then repeat..

Should I really be doing more “high intensity” (within my limits) workouts for 10 minutes morning and night to see better/ faster results? Or is 1 time a day good enough?

Thanks alot, and I look forward to my progress.

HI dude.
Your size is fine by the way.Don’t worry gains will come sometimes you won’t see anything for a month or 2 then bam you’ve gained.
Id recommend not doing it by time because you think your doing so many but not as many as you should be.

Get a sock and fill it up with rice then tie. Pop in the microwave and you can warm your unit for 10 minutes.
200-300 dry jelqs or wet if you prefer them.
Stretch up/down/left side/right side/straight out.
Kegels also.
1 on/1 off or 2 0n/2 off or 1 0n/2 off 0r 5 on/2 off or 7 days straight. Choose what feels right for you.

Iv just wrote down what I thinks good for newbies but by all means do a search and go to the tutorials page.

Iv been peing for about 4 months solid but was peing for months and months on and off before.
When you’ve been doing it a while try new things.

MY routine is+=
Rice sock=10 minutes
Dry jelqs=400
Clamping=3x10 minute(only do this when you got some experience behind you)

I don’t stretch or kegel.

Don’t measure too often. It can lead to disappointment and reduced effort.

Are you doing manual stretches? Those combined with jelqing are the basis for everything else. Perhaps changing to x number of strokes rather then x amount of time for your jelqing might make things better. Try for strokes that last three seconds each.

You’ve worked on it long enough now that you can reduce days off. Some guys go for weeks without a break. Perhaps reducing yours to one day per week might help improve things.

Ten minutes, even twice a day, is only 1/6 to 1/3 of what many guys do. I understand that you may not have enough private time to do it longer, but that’s another thing to consider when you don’t feel you’re making gains.

Thanks for the replies guys,

I’ll have to check in on the sock thing.any rice? Do I have to moisten it?

What are “clamps” so that I know not to do them yet, I may be accidentals doing them b/c I like to experiment w/ my routine sometimes..

I have NOT been doing stretches as I was under the impression that they were to help length, and not girth, I really don’t want to gain much length as much as girth. So I am to understand that girth can be directly affected by manual stretching? If so, I will proceed to do them promptly..

My once a day 5 days a week routine usually takes me just over 30 minutes.would I be better suited to do it 2 times a day for like 10-15 minutes?

Thanks again

Edit** I have been doing a lot of kegals, during class, whenever, and really switching up the kind of kegals I do.. Holds, quick ones, etc etc.

Edit II ** Also, I guess I’m afraid of giving *him* time to recover, it’s okay to do this multiple times a day if they are moderate strength excercises?

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The rice contains moisture which is how it maintains its heat. You don’t need to add any. I suspect that after some amount of use it would dry out and need to be replaced, but I have no idea how long that might take. You might consider using flax seeds instead (available at health food stores). It contains an oil which is how it maintains its heat and would take considerably longer to dry out and need replacement.

Clamping is a girth technique that uses mechanical clamps. See this.

Stretching is mainly for length. It’s not necessary to do them. I guess I misread your post although you did ask us to guess. :) Girth gains take longer to achieve and are not as dramatic as length gains (such as someone might gain an inch in length, but only 1/4 inch in girth).

You can exercise when you like and as often as you dick will tolerate it. Since you don’t seem to have a lot of time at once, doing it twice a day should be OK. Check with your dick, it will let you know when it’s had too much.

My main artery/vein thing at the top of my penis running down it has gotten stiff and larger, should I slow it down a bit or what? This was after I slightly upped my routine.I decided to back it down a bit and message/stretch it out w/ my heat pads and the like.

Larger vein might mean increased blood flow, but stiffer I’m not sure about.

It’s normal for you blood vessels to get larger and stronger with PE exercises.

Ah, so this is a good thing?? Technically speaking?

Well, as the penis gets larger or stronger it needs more blood to fill it. It makes sense that it also needs larger veins to drain that blood after an erection. Good? I don’t know. Natural and necessary, yes. They say some girls like cocks with big veins since they provide some extra stimulation. Since I don’t “do” girls, I wouldn’t know if that’s true or not. :)

So I should not be alarmed as long as the vein doesn’t hurt?


Groovy.I have noticed a slight change in my flaccid penis as seems to be firmer towards the glans, and still kinda soft at the base/thinner at the base :(

I am also noticing that I can’t get extremely hard erections since my vein has grown.should I step it back a bit and see if my really hard erections that I was getting during my first coupla weeks of jelqing come back, or should I stay the course and see if Mr. Johnson just gets used to the exercise?

You guys rock

P.s. The vein looks REALLY knell when I’m doing some dry jelqs, kinda neat.

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