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Pelvic floor and erection question.

Pelvic floor and erection question.

I suffer from soft glans during erection. I have some pelvic muscle problems that is probably causing it. The dorsal vein doesn’t seal and the blood outflow from the glans. I don’t have any scar tissues or venous leak. I have heard that the ischiocavernosus muscles is being responsible to seal the dorsal vein and prevent blood outflow during erection.

My pelvic floor (the muscle between anus an scrotum) often feels tight but even when it’s relaxed, during erection it becomes tense/hard.

So I want to ask:

How does your muscle feels when you are flaccid and how does it feel when you get erection??

How does your anus muscle (external sphincter) feels when flaccid and when erect??


I don’t notice a difference, but I’ll try to pay attention to how they feel the next time I am erect.

Have you always had soft glands or just after PE?

Originally Posted by awesomegarrett
Have you always had soft glands or just after PE?

After injury, but now I have pelvic muscle problems


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