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PEing reduced the size of my penis


PEing reduced the size of my penis

I just measured myself. Just a few days ago I was 6.5 in erect length, today I was under 6 when erect. Can PEing reduce the size of the erect penis/flaccid penis? Has this happened to anyone else? I heard that if scar tissue starts to form from penis exercises it can actually make you’re penis smaller. What can I do about this problem,can it be fixed?

That is sad, and kinda funny.

\"Break A Deal Face The Wheel!"


I suggest you take a break from PEing immediately and wait for things to get back to normal. What has probably happened is that you have overtrained when very new to this and as a result your erection quality has gone down slightly.

So, take a few days off and see how things progress.

It sucks, I’m probably the only one who has successfully managed to make my penis smaller then what it was before. Yeah I guess it is kinda funny, let this be a precaution to any newbies and a lesson learned

This might be due to different erection qualities. Were you as hard as the first time you measured ?

Hmmmm, now that I think about it I don’t believe I was as hard as I was last time I measured.. My penis was more flexible this time. When I am measuring my penis, do I angle it down towards the ground and then measure from the pubic bone to the tip?

Best way to measure in my opinion is to place your ruler at the pubic bone, at the base of your erect penis and measure to the tip of your glans. Measuring standing may differs from measuring seated, so choose either ways.

How long have you been PEing Fuel? You were a member since march 06, have you been PEing before this or did you start in march? I am only asking this because you have considerable gains and I was curios if you achieved them in two months of PEing

I’ve been PE’ing for 2 years but I’ve gained around 4 cm in erect length during my first 4-6 months PE’ing. I recently hit 8.5” BP. When I first measured prior to PE, even 7” looked unattainable. My goal used to be ( a bit above 7” BPEL”) See how greedy PE made me, LOL. It can make you too! So get ready to enjoy the changes. But you have to be patient, consistent and ambitious, results will surely come. My routine is still %99 newbie. I don’t hang or clamp. I only stretch and jelq.

Best of luck!

Feeling kind of skeptical about PE.

What is the shortest amount of time I could expect to see gains? I feel doubt about PEing and that it actually works, although it is an exciting idea that a man could increase his penis size through a series of exercises. I will gradually practice these exercises myself and carefully document any results because personally, I do not believe anyone’s testimony. Although I am skeptical I will still continue to research the the free forums out of curiosity. Someone that thinks that their testimony can make me a believer, please reassure me. This is an amazing website.


Results vary from one person to another. Some gain fast and some gain slow. No one can actually fortell weather you are going to gain soon or late. Do what you gotta do and see for yourself.

Puresubstance, the exact same thing happened to me recently. I began at about 5 inches NBPEL, about 5.5 inches BPEL. The other day, I managed 5.25 NBP, 5.75. Enthusiastic to see gains, I pulled the hell out of my penis and for a day or two it was only 4.75 NBP. Took a break and it’s up to 5.25 again, unless you seriously hurt you’re penis its problem nothing to worry about.

Small, but growing!

The name keeps me motivated.


Sounds like you may be overtraining. (Maybe?)

Check out:
Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

:rear: Always locked on the target.

Erect: 7.125" non-pressed length x 6.125" circumference

Flaccid: 5.5"x5.5"

If you are sure that you are measuring correctly, it looks like you have over tained.

take a break for some days. And it should be normal again.It is very likely that after you regain your erect level, your penis will be longer then before. A penis is stong:) . It can recover if you give it some time.

At least you know you can gain from PE now.

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