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PE'ing in the shower

PE'ing in the shower

Ok, so, I still live in a house with my family, and that’s bad, I know, and they like to keep control of everything including me, I have no freedom to do the proper PE routines since that would attract too much attention, well actually I have, but I don’t want to see my aunt asking what the hell am I doing for an hour inside the bathroom, that would be really embarrassing, I can’t just tell the truth either. The only proper time I can think of for PEing is when I’m taking a shower, is there any routine I can apply for length an girth using these conditions? If so, can anyone share with me please

And sorry if I’m doing anything wrong, I know how annoying new users can be sometimes.

I currently only do a length routine, but when I did both length and girth I used to separate them into different parts of the day. Length in the morning shower and girth before I would sleep. When I do the length in the shower I allow the normal washing as my warm up then stretch afterwards. I usually need to wash it thoroughly if I want to get a good grip on the penis, due to normal daily oils cleansed off and such. However if you want to do girth at this time too, that is fine. Just follow the newbie routine and incorporate it into different times of your shower and make up some excuse if anyone asks why it was so long. Something like, my muscles were aching from the gym, I was so tired that I fell asleep in the shower, or it was so cold out that I really just didn’t want to leave. That kind of stuff usually works for me. Hope it helps!

I do all my PE in the shower. I used to do it in a college dorm shower now I have a full bathtub. How big is your shower, what kind of things can you bring in there without drawing attention to yourself, what is your current routine or the routine you will be doing?

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Just do the newbie routine in the shower- jelq first after the water warms you up and then stretch that bastard out.

10 minutes should do you- and you can impress your family with your hygiene by ‘showering’ twice per day ;)

The problem I’ve been running into in the shower is that the newbie routine takes so long — ten minutes for stretching and a half hour for jelqing plus the couple of minutes you should wait beforehand in place of the hot wrap, plus whatever else you have to do in the shower (probably y’know, cleaning yourself?).

I would start to run out of hot water/feel dizzy after a while, so I just started stretching while I was in the shower and jelqing immediately after I got out while my penis is still pliable, but I have private locations that I can still go to. I don’t see how someone like the OP who has nowhere to go but the shower could pull this off. I don’t know, maybe other people take longer showers than me, but forty minutes seems a bit odd and not too good for the water bill.

I still use the shower because it helps with clean up and I like being under the hot water. I don’t have all the same issues as you since I live alone, but I can share a couple of things with you. First, I understand about getting overheated in the shower. Our inner body temps will slowly be rising as we take a very hot shower. Eventually, our core temperature will get high enough that we don’t feel well. You are also probably sweating in the shower without realizing it. I’ll suggest two things. Bring a bottle of water in the shower with you so you don’t get dehydrated. I know, I know…it’s crazy but you can get dehydrated in the shower believe it or not. Also, don’t start with the water so hot. It should be warm, and maybe you want to crank it up a bit for your last 5 or 10 min before your cool down. I like to use Vaseline because it stays slick while I jelq under the hot water. Squeeze tubes of it are good :) The problem is Vaseline does not clean up easy. I use some soft scrub when I am done. Otherwise the leftover Vaseline attracts a lot of dirt and just feels nasty. Hope this helps.

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