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Peeing at urinals, no hands!


Originally Posted by Tossed Salad
I do.

I pull my pants down to my ankles and with both hands, lift my shirt up.

I wonder what the guys next to him think! LOL I use one hand as my aim is not that great.

Most of the time I use my hands for aim. Outdoors sometimes I just let it fly.

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Originally Posted by redworm

Does anyone else love to pee without using their hands at urinals (after unzipping of course)?

I dont even bother with unzipping .

Originally Posted by cocacoc
I don’t even bother with unzipping .



Is that why someone invented the low bowl style urinals? So that not so shy guys can have extra exposure? I hardly ever see those, which is fine by me. Usually there is the regular wall urinal and a plate between urinals. When I worked at a fish processing plant, they had a very old tin trough urinal which constantly released water. I thought it was weird the way they placed it right at the entrance also. You couldn’t go into the restroom without seeing 3 or 4 guys cocks while they were urinating. I walked in once and some guy had everything hanging out and said really loudly, “Hey, don’t look at my cock”. Which seemed to be code for check me out. Otherwise I wouldn’t have looked. Weird.

I thought those low bowl urinals were designed to accommodate midgets and the very well-endowed.

The very well-endowed midgets just pee into the drain hole in the floor, or have the guy next to them hold them up.

I don’t know how you guys do it with no hands.. If I did that I’d be showering the whole bathroom!


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