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Pee hole opening 'closing on the underside'

Pee hole opening 'closing on the underside'

After masterbating for many years with my left hand, I think, may be the primary cause; my pee hole opening is kind of closing 1/3rd off on the underside.

Especially when I cum (I tend to aim down at something to land my cum in, so I’m not point my cock “UP” in the right position to cum (I get a nicer flow/blow when I aim up on my natural curve)) I notice when I pee it may turn into a 3 way stream.

I’m going to start masterbating only with my right hand (and PE both).

The left hand masterbating has made that flap of skin holding the foreskin to the underside of my penis ‘biased to the left’ and the foreskin on my right side looser.

Anyone had anything similar?

#Edit: This actually makes the visual of blowing really crappy, as cum gets caught on the underside where the skin on the right hand side on the head of my penis is skewed and blocks the opening.

Never heard of that happening.

But try using your other hand. It may be gradually effective.



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