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Pe 101

Pe 101

Hey PE Fellas

im new to the PE scene and i am really eager to try it out. i have been reading this board for over 2 days now and discovered that jelqing is not the only PE exercise out there but there is more. i really wanna try every excercise available in this board but i have a few concers about the exercises availabe and the bad side effects that it have. so I want to ask you guys if the following workouts are really safe.

Pumping: ive heard that using pumps is the fastest way to get your slinkys engorged. the end results are impressive it gives you the length and girth but i’ve heard that this workout makes you slinkys softer at erection and that the results are not permanent its only for a short period of time. is this true? I also want to ask if this workout causes impotency or not being able to produce good spermcell or not produce spermcell at all.

jelqing and stretching: this is the workout that im doing now. so far so good ive seen minimal gain. may be its beacuse i just started this week. I am curios about the result of this work out. will it last for long and stay there permantntly or just for a period of times. alsso does this workout causes impotency or not being able to produce good spermcell or not produce spermcell at all?

Hanging, Clamping and Penismaster: a device is good with PE and i really wanna try one. I am just wondering which device is better. there is one homemade device for Hanging-(girth workout) and ive seen penimaster which i am planning to buy. does anyone know if these devices produces results and doesnt have any drawbacks later on?

Supplements (vitamins, herbal, dietary plans, what have you): I am also considering looking into alternative herbal, vitamins, dieatary plan and all that for PE. it would be really nice to know any supplements that help in PE developement without any draw backs so if you know any pls list them.

i guess these are my questions for know i hope someone here can reply to it.

Read, dude. Use the search engine. Oh by the way, welcome aboard.

Good luck

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