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PE without stretching.

PE without stretching.

I am experiencing some post workout shrinkage and also a loss of erection strength due to stretching. I am thinking that I am going to cut stretching out of my routine. I will stick to Jelqs and horse 440’s. Has anyone else here had decent length gains without stretching?

There have been a decent number of guys report length gains with just jelqs. Horse440s will get you mainly girth. It is possible one could see some very minimal length gains with only Horses, but they wouldn’t be substantial. I would personally work on length exclusively before I went for girth (that is, 86 the Horses for now). Also, if I were you, I wouldn’t completely eleminate stretching. First I would try doing more jelqs or doing the same number of jelqs I was currently doing with more blood in the penis before I cut out stretching completely and see if this improves your erection quality. If so, great. If not, perhaps decrease your amount of time spent stretching and supplement with jelqs until you find the perfect balance.

Edit: What is your current routine? There is also the possibility that you are overtraining. (Sorry I just threw this in here when in fact, I may should have mentioned it first but I just noticed your post count and join date.)

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I have also been toying with the idea of leaving stretching out of my routine. I’m currently on the newbie routine having started it a couple of times before but I had to quit due to other commitments. Each time I stop the routine my sensitivity seems to return but I’m not totally sure what causes it to go in the first place but I can’t say I’ve experienced post workout shrinkage. How can you be sure that your problems are due to stretching?
I try not to pressure the top of the shaft when jelqing/stretching - can stretching lower sensitivity even when the proper grip is used? I currently do 125 jelqs and 7 1/2 mins of stretching on a 2 on 1 off basis as well as kegels and the obvious warm-up/down periods. I think I’ll experiment by leaving stretching out of my routine for a week or two and see if this helps. I’ll post back my results.

Good luck with your goals.


You might be squeezing to hard, causing your penis to shrink.

How do you know the erectile problem is due to stretching?

I know because I pay attention to my wang! I also have a lower erection angle now which I think is due to stretching. Is their anyway to improve that? I think I was probably just going at it to hard. I get the tired weiner effect sometimes if I overdo the other exercises too.

I think stretching is the MAIN factor in my gaining almost .5 inch in length. I am not even that die hard about it. When I think to do it, I’ll spend 20-30 minutes casually going through the stretches and when I take a piss during the day I’ll throw in a couple of piss pulls.worked so far!


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