PE with the light on


Many of you on this forum are embarking on your PE journey. Take advantage of all of the veteran mistakes and don’t repeat them!

I stress the importance of paying attention to the skin on your dick while PEing. I tend to PE early in the morning and sometimes don’t turn the light on. Earlier this week I had a very good session going I felt, but when done I noticed a blood blister. This is preventing me from doing squeeze / jelq work for a bit, but was completely my own fault. You will learn how your penis responds over time, and I know that when I start to see a couple of red specks on the shaft it is time to stop any aggressive jelq or squeeze work. Blood blisters are unsightly and can prevent PE depending on where they are.

Since I was overmotivated and not paying correct attention, I have created a small problem that will result in 1.5 weeks of non-jelq or squeeze PE. If I stopped ten minutes earlier I would be able to use those 1.5 weeks for PE gains.

I am repeating the mantra, but slow and steady wins the race. PE with the light on at first and pay attention to the surface skin of your penis. Consistency is more important at this stage than some kind of all out penile destruction effort.

If you are in doubt, stop. Cool down, finish off with some penile massage or stretching and wait and observe. The worst that happens is you may have missed out on getting a few extra jelqs in, but that is far better than missing days to weeks of jelqing.

This is a mistake that is easy to make for anyone, especially when you are starting and don’t have an intuitive feel of what your penis can handle.


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