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PE with bad circumcision

PE with bad circumcision

My circumcision has left me with a skin bridge that connects the underside of the right glans to the shaft. This causes some extremely minor discomfort during sex, pulls my erection down and to the right a little, and seems to have caused the whole thing rotate a little (malapposition) over time. Would it be unwise to use PE techniques with these conditions? I don’t imagine so, and I’ve already done some of the basic stuff for a little while with no problems. Maybe there would even be a way to reverse the rotation, or stretch the bridge so there’s less pull. Any information?

A page with pictures of the kind of rotation I’m talking about.

As someone who had a skin bridge removed from his penis I’ll say, while mine was on the side, I avoided a ton of exercises and equipment due to suspicion that it could cause special injury due to the bridge.

I’m sorry I can’t offer more help as my bridge and yours are too different. But, medical coverage did cover it. Operation was outpatient and local anesthesia as you recall. Still hurt like a bitch. Stitches in your glans and foreskin are special torture.

I paid around $250 (as I reached the $300 annual deductible) for a $5000 outpatient procedure at my normal urologist. It does count as surgery but you don’t need to list it when a medical form asks if you’ve had surgery as it’s a minor procedure that’s almost cosmetic.

JUST MAKE SURE you say to your doctor that it causes painful erections and discomfort during sex. That’s why Medical Mutual covered mine.

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