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PE with a Hernia Repair

PE with a Hernia Repair

Hi All

I’ve been PEing for many years now. I just managed to join this forum (tried a long time ago but the forum was “full”). I am now grateful to be a member. Over the years I’ve had varying degrees of success with PE. It’s certainly been a rocky journey. I started a long time ago and was about 5.5” Erect BP and about 4.5” EG mid shaft. My flaccid appearance was less than flattering. I was never really happy with my size and hence my quest for something more.

Anyway, I had a Hernia Repair (left lower front abdomen). This was about 2.5 years ago. Since then I haven’t done a huge volume of PE. Been on again/off again approach.

More recently I devised a new routine. I started at about 6.5” Erect BP and 5” EG mid shaft. The new routine is fairly simple and brief (lasts about 5mins). I do this routine about 5 to 6 times a day. It’s a mixture of tunica and lig stretches. Much to my surprise (and delight) I have been gaining length (my primary goal). I am now 7” Erect BP and 5” EG mid shaft. All has been going reasonably well despite a minor amount of occasional dull aching around the Hernia Repair.

More recently the dull aching has become a bit more regular but still not unbearable. It also seems to come good on rest days (I usually rest one day a week). I was wondering if anyone on this forum has any experience PEing with a Hernia Repair? I am pleased with the progress I’ve made recently but I am also weary of causing issues with the Hernia Repair. Considering the ligs from around the Penis also connects to around the same area as the ligs from the abs (roughly around the area of the Hernia Repair) I was wondering could PE cause complications?

I have made an appointment with my GP to run this by him, but as always, his backlog of appointments is roughly a month. I really want to keep doing the PE as I am pleased with the progress, but I also don’t want to have to wait a month for my GP’s opinion.

Can anyone help with some advice?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I searched this forum using the word “Hernia” and much to my surprise I got a crap load of hits. There were too many to read and most of the ones I read were not relevant to my questions. So I hope I am covering old ground with this thread.

Are you speaking of inguinal hernia? They could relapse, PE or not. I think a steady regimen of abs and back workout is the best prevention. I had a hernia surgery many years ago and I had no problems with PE.

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Hello marinera

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I think it is referred to as a “direct inguinal hernia”. It wasn’t large when I had it done. It protruded through the left lower abdomen wall. The Doctor said it is usually a genetic issue and as you get older the “gap” gets larger. I do a reasonable amount of fitness/weight training so I am in reasonably good condition but I will have to show this area a bit more attention is terms of strengthening up the muscles.

I’m glad to hear you have been doing PE following a Hernia Repair without issue. This gives me some hope.

Anyone else also care to comment?

Hello Darb,

I had a hernia repair in 2004 also in the lower left abdomen. Mine was already quite visible and if I remember correctly considered on the larger side. The operation went ok and it hasn´t been a problem since. I started PE about a year and a half ago. I was about your size with 5,5 BPEL and 4,5 EG when I started. I´ve also been on and of PE and had a longer brake in the summer. I´ve had some moderate gains and now I´m about 5,9 BPEL and 4,7 EG.

When I started PE I had some concerns wheter it was a good idea or not. Especially with stretches I thought I could feel an uncomfortable stretch/feeling around the operated area at first. I just took it easy and I haven´t had a problem since. But - I bought a pump a couple of weeks ago (with a 1,75 diameter) and now I have been having some problems. I´ve taken it really nice and easy, following the routine in the Pumping 101 thread and never exceeding 3 Hg. The first week and a half went ok but the last couple of days hasn´t been good. When I pump it almost feels like some of the ligs or some parts of the tissue under the skin gets sucked into the pump. Now I can definitely feel a dull aching that you also mentioned. I think I will take a brake from pumping and see what happens. The aching is not unbearable but still I got a bit scarred. Especially because there is a possibility that it might relapse, as Marinera also pointed out. Actually I remember when I was waiting to be operated in the hospital there was a older man who told me this was just the beginning. I think he was about 55-60 years old (I was about 22). I think it was his third hernia operation - he just laughed at me and said “oh boy - this is just the beginning for you” :)

Anyways, I think this is something one should consider and take into account when practicing PE. Keep us posted about your GP:s opinion.

I have a hernia right now and it does not mess up my PE exercises. I do yoga once in a while and it helps a ton. Well actually not yoga but I stand on my back with my legs lifted up to the ceiling and I hold my butt up with my hands. It is a yoga stand. Helps the blood drain from the veins in your scrotum that cause the pain. My left testicle actually had shrunk in size a bit from the warmth of the hernia and poor blood circulation. Ever since I started to do this stance for 3 minutes every few days it got back to it’s normal size and is making me so much hornier. I don’t see the hernia much anymore. Wohoo!

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