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PE while travelling.

PE while travelling.

Soon I’m going on a trip which will last about a month. I will be staying at multiple peoples houses, sleeping irregularly, drinking too much, and who knows what else. In many cases there will be little to no privacy unless I’m in the bathroom, and I can’t very well stay in there for an hour. I’m currently on the third month of the newbie routine, for the second time around. The first time I had a big blood spot that required a few weeks to heal. So I’m actually about five months into the newbie routine and my penis is way more conditioned this time around than it was the first time around. My point is that I think that I could handle some new exercises other than jelqing. Which brings me to the question: What exercises would be good for on the go, limited time, and probably no lube PE? I was thinking that I’d give dry jelqs a go as well as Uli’s and maybe some other girth exercises. I’ve never done Uli’s or dry jelqs, I don’t even know how I’d do dry jelqs while being circumcised. I really don’t have much extra skin to make it all the way to the tip.

I was going to try clamping after I finished this month of the newbie routine. I suppose that I still could but like I said, I can’t be hanging out in peoples bathrooms and I might be sleeping on an air mattress some of the time so it may not be possible. So yea, thank you for any reply.

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Goal: BPEL: Wherever it ends up BEG: wherever it ends up MSEG: 6"!

Any of the manual exercises I think. How much skin you have on your shaft could dictate how successful dry jelqs are. If you are uncut like me it should be no problem. I do this stuff all over the place. Even in the restroom at work and I even jelqed on a plane!

Stretching jelqing and manual clamping are easy to maintain and can be done under cover.

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If you are gaining with the newbie routine stay with it, even while on travel. Never change a winner as long as it is working.

The only thing you need to do is figure out how to break up the routine into 5-10 minute sections and do it through out the day and at every opportunity.

Before you get out of bed in the morning. 5-10 minutes of manual stretches in bed. This should be easy to disguise as rolling over and moving to wake up in the morning if someone is in the same room with you. Not so much if you are sharing a bed as well.

Take a morning shower. 5-10 minutes wet jelq before or in shower. Wash off lube in shower before you get out. I use a normal skin lotion so there is nothing abnormal there if someone sees it in your shaving kit. If asked just say you have dry skin issues.

Manual stretches or dry jelqs for 5 minutes in a bathroom stall when you use the bathroom during the day.

Take a shower every night and do another 5-10 minutes of wet jelq before or in shower. If someone asks about two showers a day tell them it helps you sleep/feel better while traveling. An extra 5-10 minutes twice a day should not raise too much suspicion on what you are doing in the bathroom.

In bed at night do another 5-10 minutes of manual stretching.

This way you can get about 45-60 minutes of PE in per day broken up into smaller time periods.

The idea of doing this type of PE while traveling is not so much to gain, but to not loose any gains and keep your dick conditioned to PE. That way when you get home and back to your regular PE routine you don’t have to start over again reconditioning your penis to PE.

Hope this helps,

4Foreskin ;)

Thanks for your responses. I think that I’ll try some Uli’s and dry jelqs. I’m circumcised so I’m not sure how well I’ll do with the dry jelqs, I’ll do a practice run soon.

I’ve been measuring monthly to monitor my gains with the newbie routine. I plan on doing some jelqs in even when I start clamping so I think that there will some level of newbie routine in there for the long run. If I don’t see any gains after this last month, I’ll stop jelqing for 30 minutes and probably do something like ten minutes.

Started newbie routine (again) March 21, 2012: BPEL 8" BEG: 5 3/8" MSEG: 4.9"

Goal: BPEL: Wherever it ends up BEG: wherever it ends up MSEG: 6"!

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