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Pe weights after hanging.are they necessary


Originally Posted by dobbelbock

Hmm, could someone tell me how do you use those weights when playing golf? Can I get those from normal sport shop?

Weights aren’t used while playing golf but while practicing or warming up. Similar to the weight used on the end of a baseball batt as the hitter is warming up in the on-deck circle. Here’s a picture of them on the end of my golf club. Damn I need to get out and golf more. :p

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I bit the bullet and got 2 today.
They are not uncomfortable to wear and if you just lean back on your chair they hang just fine.
I found them at a golf store. Also bought a golf bag stand, great price. But since we have 2 ft of snow I think I’ll be waiting a while to use that purchase.
Thanks for all the information guys. Thunder’s people are A-1


Does anyone here have an opinion on the golf weights vs., say, the Penimeister? I have a low LOT. At present I’m fulcrum hanging. But my private time is limited for hanging. I’d like to start using an ADS, which I think I could get away with doing around the house. I’d certainly rather save the money on the PM and buy golf weights instead. Though, if better, I’ll fork out for the PM. Anyhow, any opinions? I’ll probably try the weights first and see how they go …

You could try to make your own Penimaster. I just read the other day on the forum and saw some pics of this one that this guy made and it didn’t look bad at all. Search around a little bit and find the post. The guy even teaches how he made his. Actually his was better than the Penimaster because it used an off-shoot of the style of hanger where it grips your penis from the sides for better circulation. Did anybody see that? I think if you look up ADS you might find it.

Thanks legolas. I’ll look into it.

Found it! Go to the Main members forum. There is a thread called “anyone getting rid of a penimaster?” There you can find a link that will take you to the guy who made his own Penimaster. Good luck!


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