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PE vs. Bodybuilding

PE vs. Bodybuilding

My penis is 6.1 inches.

I’ve heard some different theories from my short time reading the PE board.

1. The legends did PE to the max. They really made PE a focal point and got tremendous results.

2. Then the other school of thought is that Less is more. You grow when you rest. Just like in BBing.

What theory do you subscribe to and why?

Is it a resonable to think that I could increase my length to 7 inches within a year?


Yes you can increase it to 7 in a year.

I go with the less is more

Good luck on your goal of 7.


Welcome to Thunder’s Place! You’ll find a wealth of information on all sorts of topics here, from PE to cooking to astronomy, so keep reading, dude!

In terms of gains, one inch in a year is possible, but don’t overdo it trying to get that inch in one month. Like any physical exercise, you need conditioning first, or you’ll injure yourself. The big gainers, the highly advanced guys, like Bib, were spending all day at it, but an hour of hanging and an ADS will also do the trick, so be prepared to put in the time.


This is going to sound very ignorant and I apologize before hand..

Is there a way to build a PE regimine and get good results w/o hanging?

I hate to sound ignorant and pretentious but hanging weight from my penis seems a little more extreme to me. I want the results and if I have to do hanging methods I WILL. Also, with hanging how common is it to pull the penis off of the pubic bone? Is this common.

Finally if anyone of you guys has AIM messanger I would greatly like to talk. You guys seem to be one of the most receptive and welcoming communities that I have ever seen (I come from a sports and bodybuilding background)

Anyways, feel free to drop your AIm name I would love to get some additional insight.

Mine is Jb949494


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