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PE videos not working for anyone else

PE videos not working for anyone else

I try to download them, and it just says “opening,” but nothing ever happens. Do I need some kind of special player or what? Thanks.

It’s been like that since I became a member, almost a year. I asked the same question before but no one couldn’t solve it.

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Maybe it is a plug-in problem. Look for any error messages you guys have and report them here, I may be able to help. Also, you could try running a alternative web browser like firefox or opera which may fix the problem.

How about reading the Video Feedback thread in the Forum Forum? Have you tried that? That’s the first step, and if that doesn’t help you to fix your problem, then post (in that thread) explaining your problem and giving as much detail as possible.

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Had the same problem myself. Try right clicking on the download buttom. It took me 6 months to work it out. Then save link - away you go.

Case in point, robbie.

That piece of advice is in the Video Feedback thread tens if not hundreds of times.

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Finally I was able to view the videos. I have a dialup internet connection. For some reason I can’t just watch the videos on line but I have been able to right click then save target as and store the videos in my documents file. I have both real player and windows media player but the videos are played by the real player. It takes over 30 minutes to down load each video two at a time but atleast now I can watch them without being online.

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