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PE twice a day

PE twice a day

Hey I’m sorry if this question has been asked before. I kinda searched the forum and couldn’t come up a solution. Hope you guys can help.
Well I was wondering if it’s OK to PE twice in a day. I haven’t really done that but I’m curious to start with it if there are no hazards that come with it. I have been doing PE (morning sessions) for sometime now and Id like to start with 15 mins stretching 20x3 sets of hanging followed by 30 mins of jelqs in the evening sessions too. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Going twice a day has never worked out for me. It always ends up being too much with not enough healing time and gains just seem to completely stall out.

HI gprent! What was your routine?

Depends on what your doing. You are on the newbie routine so NO do not do twice a day yet. I think that AM/PM is very good for hanging. I’m not doing girth yet but I would be okay as long as you get that heal day in. But your on the newbie routine don’t over do it.

Thanks Thal. I’m a new member certainly but I’m not new to PE. Been at it for a long time now. I’ve been doing 15 mins stretching,20x3 sets of hanging followed by 30 mins of jelqs in the mornings ofcourse preceded by the hotwrap.

I am a pumper, and I tried a twice a day schedule just a few months ago, although not for the first time. (I am a hard learner) My gains stalled out as I said, and this time it even prompted me to take a 5 week break before getting back to a reasonable once a day routine.

You just can’t force the human body past what it is capable of, or it rebels, and what you are working so hard to achieve just gets further away.

Yep godofdeviltry that’s the way I was. I joined in April but I had been jelqing and stretching for a year before I joined. If your hanging the general thing here seems to be get at least 10 hours a week of hanging in. So at least 2-3 days out of the week you have to get a AM/PM sets in. I think length is more of a AM/PM thing cause you don’t want the ligs to heal. Lig healing is bad in length. Girth might be different as you need recover time to get some girth. Main thing is 10 hours a week.


I do it twice a day. I do that for two days and then take a day off. By the last session, I am a bit sore, but I always heal up fully by the time I start again.

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Thal I was wondering if hanging would reduce the angle of erection. I’m don’t want my dick to hang low when I’m erect coz right now I’m in the 11 o clock position an wanna keep it that way. Lemme know if you lost your angle due to hanging.

Yea maybe a little bit of an angle. But I don’t do strengthen excises to combat that. I could. Get a hard on put a towel over your dick and flex your boner up and down. I think this combats what little angle you might lose. But an inch or two in length would quickly change your mind on hanging.

Interesting. I’m religously trying to do a twice day routine of jelqing and manual stretching - 3 days on 1 day off. I just considered this to be a pre-requisite for growth. Maybe I need to vary this (?)

Thanks Thal. Shintaro I think you should do what would get you best results. I feel overworking your Dick would slow down results.

You do need recuperation time so stretch and jelq both twice a day doesn’t really allow for that (not for me anyway)

I divide the two; 2/3 hrs of stretching with an extender (Penimaster) in the evening and then in the morning, before I get up, 2 15min sets using a vacuum pump followed by 4/500 jelqing strokes (variable styles)

This seems to optimise results for me having tried various routines over the last 3yrs. I hope this is of some use.

Regards Stanby

Thanks standby!. Ill keep you posted on my progress


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