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PE turns into jerking. EVERYTIME.

PE turns into jerking. EVERYTIME.

Hi. Lurker posting for the first time here.

I’ve been doing some newbie routines for two-three months now, but I am having trouble getting all through the “workout”. I’m 5.9” BPEL, 5.3” NBP and 5.7” EG, which IMHO makes my penis look a little short and weird. I’m fairly confident about my girth and am not looking for further gains there, primarily, length-gains are my reasons for getting into PE. Never gotten any complaints from the girls, but you never know. To me it’s relatively short and there are positions that I just can’t do because my penis just isn’t long enough.

Anyway, back to the original problem. Every time I start doing some PE exercises I only get through 1/4 of the exercises in the newbie routine and I get a full hard on. Eventually, jelqing turns into jerking, and I feel that I do not get the workout I really need. Stretching also makes me penis go hard.maybe a luxury-problem, but it bugs me. I have a girlfriend so taking my penis out of service for some months is not an option..

What do you guys do to keep serious and not play with it?

There is a lot of information about that topic in other threads, I think “psychology” may be a good search term.

One way that I thought was mentioned is gently bend the erection downwards.

GENTLY, just a little until the erection starts to wane.

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Try to “workout” watching football/baketball/baseball/news/C-span or something that won’t let you focus on your hard on, but not a 100%, just the 60%-75% you need to jelq right.

You should try to work out around a sex schedule, or try to have sex around a workout schedule ;) , meaning that if you dont know when you are going to have sex, work every single sex-free day, and use your sex day to “rest” from your work out. Counterpart, if you can schedule your sex sessions, try to put them on your free days, like: workout monday-tuesday-wednesday, sex on thusrday, workout friday-saturday-sunday, sex on monday, and so on.

Try to control yourself when you jelq, use the tv, your pc, some sport/motor/car magazine or something that could freeze your “needs” a little :D

Same here I also end up jerking off. Don’t worry.

Me too.

Try jerking off before P.E. It might work.

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