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PE shrink/put pressure on urethra

PE shrink/put pressure on urethra

I’ve been thinking about the function of PE-girth work especially-and the effect it has on the internal structure of the penis. When we manually clamp the base and trap blood inside the shaft, aren’t the engorged chambers putting a lot of pressure on the urinary tract? If the idea is to cause outward expansion of these chambers, wouldn’t it also cause both of these chambers to expand in the other direction (inwards towards each other, in effect compressing the urethra?)

If I’m not making sense I will try to rephrase that but does anybody understand what I’m trying to say? I’m very worried about this possibly happening to me because I may or may not have a naturally narrower urethra than normal to start with. Since I have a naturally narrower penis (4.5 EG) I would like to change this, but I don’t want to give myself further complications as far as urinating goes than I already deal with.

I forgot the name of the muscle that surrounds the urethra, but it’s somewhere on these forums. Its basic function is to counter the pressure on the urethra when your penis gets erect. Otherwise, without this muscle, the urethra would get pinched shut due to the pressure from the erection and you wouldn’t be able to ejaculate.

My advise is to strengthen this muscle, which I believe is done through kegels. Monitor your urethra (if peeing or urinating becomes worse) stop clamping, take a break. When you start again, start with just kegels. Hopefully some member will provide the name of this muscle (BC muscle?).

Bulbospongiosus muscle I think. I did not know that that was its specific purpose. I thought it was there just control the flow of urine/semen through the urethra. Thank you for replying to my thread.

I think you should give a deeper look to penis anatomy, I doubt the CC expand ‘inward’ compressing the urethra. When clamping the clamp can put pressure on the urethra though, be careful this doesn’t happens (a problem you’ll have with some hangers, too, and with jelqs).

Marinera, if I am faced with the best case scenario after meeting with the urologist (I’m not sure what this might be, but it will definitely mean I can avoid having major invasive surgery such as urethroplasty or urethrotomy) then I plan to begin working towards my long-term goal of a one inch gain in length, ending at 7 inches, and .5 inch girth increase, ending with 5 inches. I was going to hang and jelq. How will I know if I am putting pressure or strain on my urethra? Are there certain sensations I should be on the lookout for? Is there a type of hanger that you would most recommend?


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