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PE REALLY works!

PE REALLY works!

I know, this is just another “testimonial-topic” but I had to do it. :)
Well… I’m here for mainly two reasons

1 - Thank the guys of the forum and those who mantain it - REALLY
2 - Motivate the guys (motivation is never enough :) ) who are starting PE or those who do not believe it.

I’ve been doing PE for 3 weeks now (12 sessions in total - 2 days on, 1 day off) and I haven’t measured my girth yet (altough I’m pretty sure I’m thicker, specially in the mid-shaft, and my glans is VISIBLY bigger) but as for length, a whole 1/2” appeared! :D

Considering I’m a total newbie doing only 6-7 minutes of basic manual stretching, 1/2” in less than one month is a real big gain (I think so, at least). :)

I think this is it… and for those who still do not believe it (as for those who just want to see the progress ^^), when I complete a whole month of training I’ll be posting some picture proof in here. :)

Well, that’s it

Thank you everybody and special thanks to Thunder XD

As well as PE working and giving you a bigger dick, you get to hang out at the best site on the WWW too!

The guys who maintain Thunder’s do appreciate the thanks, but it’s the members who really make it what it is.

I hope your right brotha!! I been working my ass off at this thing and havnt taken any measurments as of yet.just working at it with an excellent mentor here and asking alot of question about it.I will be taking measurments soon and hoping for good results.I would not post anything other than the absolute truth..


Congratulations on your gains and on being lucky enough to be a fast gainer.

For other new guys reading this: don’t despair if your gains are not as quick.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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