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PE Really Works!!!

PE Really Works!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone here at Thunder’s for intorducing me to PE. I started a little over a month ago. I measured several times to make sure my results were accurate. I started at 6.25 NBPEL and 4.5 EG (midshaft). I measured on my off day after a month and I’m now slightly above 6.5 NBPEL and slightly above 4.75 EG. That’s gains of .25” in each dimension. I can’t believe it ! You should have seen the smile on my face. I was especially surprised to notice that my base girth seems to have grown the most. Before it was slightly larger than my midshaft girth, but now it’s at 5”. I’m now going to try and keep track of my base girth to watch my progress there.

I really want to thank everyone here at Thunders for helping me in my quest for a larger D. I always felt like I would be stuck with my size forever. The idea that I can change the size of my penis is almost liberating. To all the newbies reading this (I’m still a newbie too) give PE a shot. If you stick with it you’ll see results. What have you got to lose? That’s how I look at it.

My routine is the basic newbie routine from this page. I jelq at about 80% erection. I’ve also been taking 1g of L-Arginine per day.

Once again, thank you to everyone at Thunders. I’ll be sticking around until I reach my goals. Right now I’m aiming for 7.5 NBPEL X 5.5 EG. Here’s hoping I get there. At least I have a chance!


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It does work man. I have gained .5 inch+ in 20 days. :)

Scooby: congrats on the gains. Good attitude, also. Keep up the good work. In the future you might want to use bone press measurements, it is a more acurate way of tracking gains down to a fraction of an inch. NBPEL is great for how we really look to others, not too many women break out a ruler on the first date, but accurate measurements in PE bone press is the only way to go.

Good luck

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I also feel very grateful for the help I’ve gotten from the great people on this site. Penis size is not something one generally talks about. It’s wonderful to know there’s a place I can come for great information and support, where I can discuss this very personal subject with great enthusiasm and without fear of judgment or ridicule. Thank you all.


Your words mimic the same PE declarations that I made 3 years ago, when I realized that it “does work”. Some initial gains were all the incentives that I needed. It’s three years later, and I’m bigger and continuing to pursue more of the no longer impossible dream.


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Thanks everyone. Yes, learning that PE works has been a great realization. I was actually afraid to measure becasue I was fearing that a lack of gains would cause demotivation, even though it just looked and felt bigger. Anyway, I try to approach it like weightlifting. You’ve got to be able to listen to your body to make good progress. Some days I pushed too hard and so on my next I would lower the intensity. In the third week I did three days in a row and decided to try jelq squeezes as I want to focus on girth. That caused a twinge of pain in my urethra and caused me to take 2 days off to make sure I healed before I started again.

Newbies, just remember to get good quality workouts, adequate rest days, and good nutrition. Also, I gotta say I love the flaccid hang that PE gives you. It’s cool.

One more thing, I didn’t do bone pressed because I don’t have a ruler, only a sewing tape. Anyway, my fat pad is probably small as I’m pretty skinny (5’ 10”, 145 lbs). I’ll get a ruler soon for more accurate results.

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