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PE Products

PE Products

Hey I’ve been doing the newbie routine for a while with no luck, and am willing to dish out the money for PE products.

I have been wanting to get an extender and pump, but have read mixed reviews on both.

So really I am wondering whether or not they work, the results I would be seeing with in 3, 6 and12+ months using both with Manual PE. And Which products are the best bang for the buck!

I currently measure at 7” EL and about 4.6 eg with a left curve.

One “problem” I’m 18 and would be using my moms card (I would be paying her) and I don’t want her to know what I have bought. Any ideas?

‘For a while’ = how many months?

And what are you feeling during the stretch? As for your paying problems I am sure there are online pre-paid credit cards in the US.

11.01.2006: BPEL: 17,3 cm (6,8 inches), EG: 13,5 cm (5,3 inches) -- Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory --

12.17.2008: BPEL: 20,1 cm (7,9 inches), EG: 16 cm (6,3 inches)

03.11.2011: BPEL: 20,5 cm (8,1 inches), EG: 16 cm (6,3 inches)

Often times, sellers of sexually related items will bill the card as “ABC products, inc”, or some other equally innocuous name, thereby giving no indication to outsiders what you are buying. Somewhere on the website of the product you are buying, they should state how you will be billed(under what name). Then, just tell your mother it is exercise equipment, etc. Make sure you actually have some equipment she hasn’t seen before and have it ready for when the box arrives.

“what tangled webs we weave…”—Shakespeare

Shame on you, lying to yo mama!

This is probably a stupid question, but I will ask anyway. Is there anyway you could just be open and honest with your mother about what you are buying?

The easiest thing to disguise? Cable clamps. And you can buy them at plenty of local shops too.

Even easier to hide than that though is your hands, and I think you need to really be able to apply your hands before you work on attaching mechanical things to your dick.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Your statistics indicate that girth should be your priority. Seven inches is a great length. Depending on how long you have been conditioning your penis, pumping could be a good way to increase girth. Check out the Harbor Freight Brake Bleeder Pump kit. You can tell your mom it is a device for working on brakes. Or, if you are not a car guy, you can tell her it is for transferring fluids from one container to another, like emptying gas from a lawn mower.…q=brake+bleeder

Check with some of the major cylinder providers (LAPump, Boston Pump, Vacutech) and see how they bill. Some use innocuous names so you can use any excuse.

Once I started pumping, I gained 1/2” within six months. However, since you are eighteen, you will need to proceed cautiously (limit vacuum to 4hg and time in the tube to 15 minutes) so your growth may take longer.

If you have less than 6 months of Pe experience, I would do a search and read up on girth oriented exercises before thinking about pumping.

In the USA, you can get a cash collateralized credit card from a bank. Check with a local bank. It is a good way to start building a good credit rating.

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I’ve been doing PE for almost 3 months now and I am aware of the dangers of rushing it and using devices. Although what I want to know is do they work, how well and what devices do you recommend. So please just stick to what I’m asking :)
My main concerns are my girth and curve, although I also would like to be the “biggest” so I would obviously continue after I “fix” those two things!

Thanks for the advice everyone!

So has anyone had success with pumping and extenders? How mug have you gained over what period of time? What products do you recommend?

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