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PE, other boards and philosophy

PE, other boards and philosophy


I’m aware that this question might turn into a flamefest- please don’t let it become that, ok?

I did notice that there seems to be a fundamental different approach to PE on the different PE forums I know of. For example,
- Thunders advises to pump, esp. with the Bathmate, on low pressure and be very careful with overpumping while one other board has a specific routine that advises to go max pressure, all in
- Thunders does not only not suggest but explicitly warns about and advises to not perform erect stretching, at all. Again another board specifically suggests that as a way to gain.
- On Thunders, any routine suggestion includes a good warmup and warmdown phase unless it is excluded for a specific reason (to avoid going over a certain girth for example). Other boards put far less emphasis on that.

These are just a few examples. While reading around and comparing ideas it occurred to me that Thunders has a safety-first, tried & tested approach while other boards seem to be more risk-taking, aggressive in their routine suggestions. I, personally, am rather worried about the well-being of my unit and would always err on the side of caution so the former is just fine with me, but I wanted to take opinions.

What do you think- do I have this roughly right? I’m not asking/posting to slag off other forums or their members, not at all. But if my observations are correct than it might be very useful for total newbies to know how to categorize the different schools of thought out there.

Somehow adults will read things, here or else where and then do whatever the hell they want. It is up to the individual and this thing called common sense.

You are dead right. Safety first. I remember a chat with a mod and he even said there’s a distinct safety culture here.

Further, I don’t ever recommend any of the erect bends or stretches. I’ve done some to mediocre effect but they aren’t that great and the risk is way higher than the reward for most members.

PE Gym has a wider view of things, as far as exercises. But they have a coaching staff in Big Al and co. and it’s geared differently. You get detailed help but I find the structure here less rigid than there.

MOS has a distinct gadget and risk taking culture. Go there and search the Length Master. You’ll see a ton of threads for something that’s basically a $100 handle you clamp to your penis and pull. This is one of many goods sold by the site owner. Claims of an inch in a month are common there and there’s so much braggadacio it’s hard to tell the real vets from the fakes so the culture isn’t as helpful overall. Plus the mods and the proprietor aren’t as available if a member sends them messages.

All 3 are alright. It’s just a matter of the approach taken and the credibility of the site owners.

DLD and LOT theory that’s very popular on his site have been discredited in some places. Easily, his salesman mentality has brought him under fire but he boasts a large active community and impressive gains from his mods. They have a lot of passion for what they do there, if nothing else.

Al is the main name for a paid PE service. As a former member who went to to him when I ran out of things to try…he can get you on track. He knows his stuff and I’m sure any coaches he employs do as well. Dude is reachable, even when you haven’t subscribed and willing to help you. He’s why I’m still in PE and not injured or plateaued. His site reflects a professional but in my opinion less humble and homey feel like Thunders.

I’m here at Thunders because I fit here best. I’ve been to other places, some not listed, and I’m most useful here.

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My current PE4F pumping project and my balls enhancement project. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm *8* years in and counting. All you have to do is put the work in and keep the faith.

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Actually, Thunders does not recommend the Bathmate, although we do have a lot of threads about it from members that use it. The majority of our recommended pumping, especially when starting out, is air pumping with a gauge. The main problem that I always call out on the Bathmate is that it has no gauge and you can easily go overboard.

There is another pay PE site that is exclusively Bathmate and they advertise it extensively.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

There’s been some pretty extreme and experimental stuff posted here over the years if you dig around
It’s not so much that this site doesn’t encourage these things but that it always steers folk to start of safe and easy.
It’s just the decent responsible thing to do.
Even with all the warnings there have been complaints recently that we aren’t warning guys enough !

It’s good to have sites with slighly different cultures, you can find one where you feel you fit in.

For some reason there are a lot of threads on all the sites regarding Bathmate. It is probably the best selling pumping device. However, I believe most of the serious pumpers prefer air pumping because it is not confined to the Bathroom.

I believe both Thunders and PEGym trace their origins to the same group of dedicated PEers.

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts and input, it is appreciated.
It looks like I was not too far off the mark with my assumptions, which is good to know when taking in information on a sensitive subject such as the one we all gather around.
I feel right at home here BTW, the atmosphere is friendly, careful, and not so rowdy as some other places seem to be. Just a matter of taste, not trying to belittle other communities.

Oh and on the Bathmate, yes, the gauge question has been well explained here on this board and I think it’s a good indicator for the safety-first mindset.

Thanks again!


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