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PE on a Budget

PE on a Budget

So I just graduated college and am one of the unfortunate many that didn’t come out of school with a job, so I’ve been on a pretty tight budget as of late.

I’m still a PE rookie, but what are the most cost-effective ways to PE? The lube I use is a mixture of cocoa butter and olive oil; might as well kill two birds with one stone and moisturize the guy hardcore while I’m jelqing. I built a captain’s wench for less than $10 and I know it’s early to hang but it was a great value and a go-to tool soon enough.

What else do I NEED in the first few months?

My goals for my jelqing career:
I’m trying to go from a grower to a shower
Gain 3-4 inches FL
Gain 1-1.5 inches EG
Gain 2-4 inches EL
Gain 1-2 inches EG

I would recommend that you stick with your hands, they are free and usually with you at all times. There is no need to invest money into devices yet, manual exercises work just fine.

That way you can use your limited funds for more appropriate stuff, like food.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

As far as pe goes for cheap I have wrestled with a few ideas myself.

1. Hot water in a cup to warm up
Done twice is about as much water and cost to brush your teeth. You will need to warm up in between exercises as a noon. If you have the cash go with a heating pad for easier re-warmups.

2. For lube you will want something non abrasive that won’t leave pimples the next day.
After my acne and boil troubles with olive oil and baby oil my vote goes for virgin pressed coconut oil but to each is own.

3. Ice, it’s cheap to make and already in your freezer. After an intense pe session ice can decrease a lot of inflammation and restore healthy blood flow for quicker healing.

That is all you need to begin your pe journey. Don’t get ahead of yourself and try the more intense exercises like hanging or clamping before you have the experience needed to prevent injuries. How much time is needed varies from person to person by the general agreement is over six months.
Remember to not be to hard on yourself and to change things up whenever you get bored.


Smart lady, sunshine :)

I haven’t had any experience with acne on the little guy in my short tenure as a rookie jelqer. Is that a common thing from using olive oil? I got my lube idea from roosterstretch, it’s similar to his but I couldn’t find pure shea butter and cocoa butter is cheaper anyways. I heat up the cocoa in the microwave, put in food processor add olive oil until it’s emulsified into something just thicker than lotion. Great for jelqing, great for moisturizing, great for edging (or going all the way with hangela).

I asked someone else about icing after PE and he said it was mostly for hangers, pumpers, or any other overly-strenuous PE activity. Would you recommend that for a simple newbie routine? I’ve been using a hot towel or rice sock to ‘cool down’ and I love the engorged feeling post-jelq. Does literally cooling it make a difference?

I still use only my hands. And appropriate lube for jelqs.

As for cooling afterwards. Search about on the threads. At the start I always kept my penis warm immediately after PEing. Didn’t do me any harm. Then again I never had opportunity to use ice so I can’t say either way.

I believe most of my pimples were caused by baby oil jelqing after shaving but I hardly remember those days anyways. If I’m not mistaken it’s from the pores opening up more from heat and jelqs and the oil getting dry and sticky and creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Just give each lube a try with a well washed penis before you begin. If blemishes become persistent than discontinue. I personally don’t like smelling like an appetizer at an Italian restaurant so I use bio oil.

Cooling does make a big difference oven if you can’t feel it. Im still researching the chemical process online but so far I have found that prostaglandin 2 (pde2) which a hormone-like messenger is responcible for the inflamation that causes heat rashes, stiff joints, and headaches is released during sex and pe. Durring the inflammation process recovery can not happen. Now instead of just popping an NSAID like Tylenol which we do not know how it affects pe longterm, side note: it does affect protein synthesis negatively. Therefore is much safer to use a ice pack or anything cold intermittently to reduce swelling and painful inflammation. Btw anyone with further knowledge feel free to correct menif I’m mistaken. Please do so politely.

There is a collective thought here that the cold helps cement gains by retaining the cells in their expanded state. Not too sure if this is exactly what takes place but it is an interesting concept.

From what I’ve searched and so far it seems that people are split on the cool-down. It is a very interesting concept and sounds like there’s potential there but I’ve been sticking with a warm cool-down. (I’ve been off PE for a few days dealing with an injury already). Definitely keep me updated if you find any new information on cooling benefits or pde2.

I’m into bodybuilding and I relate a lot of PE directly to that. (Obviously the penis isn’t a muscle but a lot of similar concepts and techniques)
I also inherently upped my protein and supplement intake after PE and wondered a little about that. I know there’s threads but I don’t think there’s a consensus on that topic. On workout days I take BCAA’s, extra leucine, and glutamine. I’ve upped the glutamine and leucine by about 10 grams since PE. Is it beneficial to supplement like bodybuilding or do the amino acids not repair penile tissue since it’s not muscle?

All that protein and extra amino acids are not necessary. In fact all you will be doing if taking protein right before pe is slowing down you blood flow to anywhere but your stomach. The amount of protein needed is really nothing more than what you would need after a good punch to the face to repair a black eye. That is basically covered by free form protein that the body uses to repair the millions of tears and sprains you get everyday. Think about it like a slow stroll in a wheelchair you’re mainly your arms, forearms, chest, back, and for those extreme guys abs and jaw muscles to grit your teeth. You wouldn’t need a protein shake everytime you took a lap around the block would you?

There is good use for your stack though, but it’s going to need proper timing to be effective. You can optimize early morning testosterone levels and get your pe in, and hell even burn off a little belly fat if you combine bcaas and glutamine on an empty stomach immediately when you wake up. It may take a bit of practice to get the arousal level needed to pe early inthe morning but I find this frees up my mind and time for more efficient work in the day because my thoughts aren’t preocupied at times with sex, I’m like an autistic sevant.

The penis is and is not a muscle, but it does benefit from some of the same hormones and messengers as Skeletal Muscle. Chief of which is testosterone, there’s also NO2 released from SM, hgh, pde1, and many more I couldn’t tell you unless I was a doctor. In fact I get many of my theories about pe from some of the same chemical processes shared by bodybuilding. This was where I first heard about pde2 and inflammation, time limits of performing pe and the effect on testosterone, and adrenaline and pe.

The only advice I can give you for pe and bodybuilding which I was heavy before I crashed, is to space out pe 6 hours or so from bodybuilding. It has something to do with adrenaline but I’m not sure what I am sure of is that six hours of Ed following leg day sucks. You will also benefit from pe on a slightly fasted state because it takes about two hours for you to get a high eq after eating any amount of fat over about 10-20 grams. I can actually find that study but it involved pigs and Viagra. Finally, ice you give it a try and I promise you will feel less sore later in the day.

Either an insulated cup for hot water or a sock full of rice and you are good to go.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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