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PE not a winter sport

PE not a winter sport

Hello all,

Is it me or is it much harder doing all your pe exercises in the winter or slightly colder weather

Your blood flow won’t be as good even after a decent warm up and it’s hard to tell if your
Cutting off circulation or it’s just a little cold for your fella

When I use my Penimaster in the winter I would have less blood flow and as soon as undo it my
Penis retracts back to it’s original size

Any way to get around this , or any good winter pe exercise? Or should I just try my exercises under
A constant heat of some sort

Should I just forget pe in the winter? I just think my willy’s a bit more sensitive to cold weather than
Other peoples

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If you don’t want to turn up the heat in your entire house, you could always buy a portable electric heater and sit in front of that.

Or you could winter in Arizona and summer in Perth. :)

Not in Perth at the moment I’m down in Melbourne, and it’s not that cold but at night it’s gets a bit chilly

And thats when I do all my pe exercises

Waiting in the queue for the 8 Inch Club

I never had any problems with this and never heard about it either. Looks to me that it is you.

Central heating people, it’s fucking great.

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Sounds liker a niche market to me, hangers with a built in heater!

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I agree with you. Winter PE is alot harder than summer PE, although you are in Melbourne it would be colder than the West Coast. I also PE at night and it gets cold then.

It isnt real cold compared to our Northern Hemispere members but Australian houses are built for our long summers. Not much emphasis on heating, alot of emphasis on airconditioning.

Bring on summer


Bring on the summer time and those long endless warm Aussie days and nights we have over here in summer ah!

I reckon that is one of the the reasons so many Sydney siders are heading west and invading our paradise.

Oh BTW I reckon you are spot on saying houses here are built to try and keep cool in summer and not warm in winter. I sometimes freeze my tits off in winter whilst hanging even with the heater going flat out. Summer is the best time for my pe (hanging).

A paradise called Perth. So far away from anyone else on this planet that at times we are called boring. Oh well I enjoy bring bored in our warm sleeply Paradise and when winter time comes we got the footy to listen too while we pe.


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