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PE Newbie: Question concerning lubricant



Welcome aboard: It is refreshing to see a young newbie who has done some reading before asking tons of questions: LOT is more important later, when you are doing more advanced routines like Hanging. However it can be helpful to stretch in the direction your LOT indicates. If your LOT is low (God help you.) Stretch high upward. If it is high stretch low or down.

Flaccid is best for stretches, semi erect for jelqing and hard (later) for girth work. You are very fortunate to have discovered this site at such a young age. You have many years to build yourself a showpiece dick that will serve you well, and one you can be proud of when you get to be my age (51). We will all help. Use the search engine. Wildcard searches will find just about anything you are looking for. Stay focused and happy pulling.


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