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PE, Lifting, Testosterone, and no Headaches.

PE, Lifting, Testosterone, and no Headaches.

New guy here, again. Since I have started, I’ve felt that I’ve been a LOT more sexually charged lately. I also started PE alongside lifting weights too, so I think they are making my testosterone levels go up. I am much more of a smart-ass at work and keep engaging eyes with nearly every woman on the sidewalk on my way to class.

Another thing, I’ve heard that three times more women in the world are susceptible to migraines than men. I got a few headaches and such, but not too bad. One thing to note is, that these headaches are often triggered by swollen blood vessels in one’s head. I know that testosterone really enhances the circulatory system in men also. All that being said, I wonder if my testosterone level has actually gone up a bit, because I haven’t had a headache in quite some time! If the circulation is better on account of testosterone, that would explain blood vessels that better behave themselves, I think.

By the way, this ISN’T a PROBLEM, of course. I have just been pondering this since I’ve taken interest in improving as many of my manly parts as possible.

What do YOU folks think?

Sounds good to me, keep at it. :)

Man, you`re doing ok. Weightlifting cures almost anything. Training your body with physical exercises is very very good. Keep up, and your levels of testosterone will increase, if already they havent, from what you said. If you started the weight exercises recently, you have discovered the fountain of youth. Just keep doing them.


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