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PE Jelqing for younger men

PE Jelqing for younger men

My nephew is growing up without a dad unfortunately and it has fallen to me to have some of the “talks” In one of our talks the penis size issue came up and he expressed some worry that his was very small. I reassured him that he was still growing and maturing and that it would get much bigger, but I got to thinking about PE then. Is PE, wet jelq especially, safe for younger men to employ or is it dangerous to their growth and development?

I don’t think anyone knows, PE as we know it is a relatively new thing. I imagine if done right it could enhance growth but I could be wrong since it is just my opinion.

How young is he? If he is in high school I suppose teaching him some basic PE could be beneficial. I think I started “dabbling” in PE when I was about 16 but didn’t get to thunders till I was about 22 and didn’t start anything consistent until about 25.

I’m 27 now and I wish I had started when I was younger. If I started at 15 then in 10 years at 25 I could probably have added 2” length and an 1” in girth. If he is average size naturally that could mean a very different sex life.

I have some textbooks on growth and development that say on average the penis stops growing at around 19 years of age.

I discovered jelqing when I was 14 and I see nothing wrong in beginning PE with a young age.

I do see. The rate of injuries is way, way higher among younger people, and the injuries tend to be worse too. This is just a fact.

Best thing you could do is educate him about show-er vs grow-er

Best definition of Show-er vs Grower I have ever seen:

What’s the average penis size?
by Dr. Petra Boynton…-penis-size/a15 (Article no longer on the net)

Research shows soft (flaccid) penises vary in size much more than erect ones do - and it isn’t possible to predict from a soft cock what It’ll look like when It’s hard.

Some guys don’t change much between flaccid and erect, others do. Sometimes this is referred to as guys being ‘showers’ - they’re big when soft and don’t get much bigger; or ‘growers’ - they’re smaller when soft but then grow a fair bit as they get hard.


This would have saved me lots of anxiety growing up if I had understood this. I thought the guys with big flaccids tripled in size like I did.

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