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PE, is there any actual proof out there


I am disappointed!

Originally Posted by DomXZ
Guarded by 800 tanks, 1400 Howitzers and a Brigade or two or Mountain Specialists.


How could you forget the elite force of the Swiss Army: the Mountain Marine!

Next time we meet we go Bungee jumping from a barrage - on the water side - so you can see the submarines in Lake Dixence.

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Hahaha, deal.


This is unbelievable I was once a true believer thanks to the good looking loser before and after pictures, but now I’m sure most of its a scam it has to be all the other pictures are just fake, I’m starting to believe that maybe the good looking loser photo shopped his pictures, because those look real and I can’t find any flaws. Even the scientific studies don’t have any pictures with them, which to me is amazing because I’m not going to believe them just because they are scientists, unfortunately one can’t simply give up on PE because of all the success stories here, but again its just stories so fuck it I’ll give it a try because I think you have to be an open minded skeptic and get my own evidence. Its funny to me how some people say they started PE but have no pictures of before.

Originally Posted by jnrj
Its funny to me how some people say they started PE but have no pictures of before.

Many of us joined this site when there was no such things like cell phones with cameras. I have pictures, but I am not going to take
them to get scanned. Some here and I am one of them who refuse to post pics of my cock on the internet. I am also the one that wishes
I would not have gained as much as I did. I have many post here on many different threads that I state that.

Originally Posted by jnrj
This is unbelievable I was once a true believer thanks to the good looking loser before and after pictures, but now I’m sure most of its a scam it has to be all the other pictures are just fake…

Thunder’s Place is nothing like goodlookingloser.

That is unbelieveble jnrj, most of those pics are really badly faked but that doesn’t mean real PE done by putting in real effort doesn’t work. It means goodlookingloser didn’t put in any real effort into real PE.

Spend some time looking and reading around here and you will quickly notice the difference. :)

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The only good looking loser photos I’ve seen are pre and post pumping session with loads of fluid buildup. That might look impressive for a pic but it will fade pretty quickly and is not the point of PE.

There are quite a few people here who also post pics after a pumping session with fluid buildup. I’d suggest ignoring those photos.

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Originally Posted by iuno
First of all for the ones that said I’m calling them liars read the thread. I’m not calling anyone a liar here I’m just saying I personally have not seen any proof pics, that’s all, if you know how to read you will realize that I’m asking for people to send in pictures or videos of their gains (if they have video or pictures). Havent seen an area in the site where it shows member gains but I will look.


I hope you’re still reading these posts man, I know this is a weird place to lose my posting v card, but I have been awake for literally over 52 hours (new medication issue), saw this and as someone who has a hard time with patience and long term goals, had to post. I was skeptical for a long time and I’ve read a lot of skepticism met with lots of slight sarcasm and as much patience as people can muster when they’ve been asked the same questions hundreds of times.

So, here at Thunder’s it’s safe man, there’s ribbing and such, but it’s just frustration I think at what appears to others as a level of dedication to PE that has not yet been attained by those who ask those kind of questions. I had a lot of the same questions, but I just kept reading and reading. In my reading I found promise, support, camaraderie, fraternity, and strong ties through a unified goal. I once read a guy make a joking comment on another guy’s progress photo, regarding his curvature, that stuff was squashed immediately.

To me the unofficial rules of PE at Thunder’s are (and I’ve seen these written TONS of times):

Start with the newbie routine, don’t pick and choose, and don’t slack off, start it right.

Do the work for yourself, invest yourself and the time, it’ll pay off, not if but when, I guarantee it.

Learn to use the search tool effectively and you can find anything you want and many things you hadn’t even thought of.

Read, read, read and then read some more.

Dedicate energy and effort to the learning of it.

Make it part of your life and routine, like brushing your teeth; you’ll forget you’re even doing it until you see obvious gains. :-)

Take before photos and before measurements! For real, I wish I’d done more/better in that department.

Find what works for you, we all share carbon embodiment, but we aren’t the same.

Don’t overdue it, pain is bad, and if you hurt yourself stop and take a week off immediately (all under the same rule in my mind).

And finally, and this in my opinion is the most important, be open and ready for strife and change, not just in the size of what’s in your pants.

You’ll experience frustration, set-backs, and irritations, but also and more frequently you’ll feel excitement, humility, contentment, and happiness.

It’s a huge life lesson that Thunder’s has helped me learn. We are not always ready for change, even the good kind, even if it’s what we think we truly want, but we must do our best to try.

It took me 3 years to get going on a steady routine and work all the kinks out, stopping and starting a few times, but I’ve been gaining like mad lately! (Probably another reason I’m posting, I feel grateful to this place and if I wasn’t a social worker and student, I’d donate, but I will some day!) This last year of my life has been full of huge changes, good and bad, but when you’re invested, you learn to ready yourself for it. I had to remind myself of that when I’d get farther from PE in the past and get down about it, but someone here has a Thomas Edison quote in their signature I like to think of, about a bunch if ways “not to invent a light bulb.” Just because you stopped doesn’t mean you can’t start right up again! :-)

So, dude, get invested already, no one was trying to deliberately piss you off. If you do the newbie routine consistently and regularly you won’t regret it.

Besides, where else can you get so many compliments about your dick?

Sorry for the book everyone, I hope he’s still reading his thread. Also, I know it’s kind of softie stuff, but this place has really helped change my life and me for the better, so thanks to all of you.

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Thanks guys

Cantlook & abbelito,

I really appreciate that guys, thanks a lot, I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t sound like a tool (pun intended) my first go round.


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