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PE, is there any actual proof out there

Originally Posted by iuno
if you know how to read you will realize that I’m asking for people to send in pictures or videos of their gains (if they have video or pictures). Havent seen an area in the site where it shows member gains but I will look.

I have pics, both before (2yrs ago) and after, I don’t really want to share them with you or post them on the Internet. Why? No offense, but what’s in it for me?

There is a thread like this every week or so. You say that you’re searching for proof that PE works, but you’re actually more than willing to believe that it cannot. There are no amount of pictures, reasons, justifications, testimonials or people in the world that can prove PE works to you.

Thousands of us have proven to ourselves whether it can work for us or not. We wisely took advantage of all of the free information here, details and pictures of exercises, experience and knowledge from veterans, pictures of gains, explanations of routines and everything else that is completely free and available from people that stand to gain absolutely no profit from providing it except from the satisfaction of helping others.

If you want to prove it one way or the other to yourself, be forewarned, the more you gain, the less you care about proving anything to others and the more you care about gaining more and helping others to gain more too.

Originally Posted by iuno
. Many people say yea I have gained alot but most are just liars (sadly).

Didn’t you just say that you haven’t called anyone a liar??? :confused:

You also stated that you actually think you gained when you were doing an admittedly haphazard routine. What gives?

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Iuno you have now accused us not being able to read and liars. You expect help from me? I don’t think so.

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Originally Posted by clgp7
Didn’t you just say that you haven’t called anyone a liar??? :confused:

You also stated that you actually think you gained when you were doing an admittedly haphazard routine. What gives?

According to him, he gained so he must be a liar.

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Iuno, mostly I want you to knuckle down and do the newbie routine for as long as you keep getting results, then you can see for yourself that you have gotten x gains and penis health.

Why do I want that?

Because I’m selfishly looking for more PEers to join me in this journey to 8x6.

I’m funny that way.

Mostly here we’ll bat you around somewhat and point out your illogic when necessary, but we truly do mean the best, and we are hopeful that you can sort your shit out enough to realise that we actually genuinely care about your well-being and you getting a bigger dick. (I spoke for everyone just then, sorry, there may be some mean pricks here who want to see other’s dicks shrink.)

Ok so what are you going to do, continue being defensive or do the work?

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well said, a-unit.

I think some of us take offense to being called liars or to hear someone discredit all the time and effort we have put in. The members pic section shows plenty of before and after pics…hell my sig has mine.

If you can’t think positively toward doing PE, then you are already setting yourself up for failure because you will have every excuse in the book for why it didn’t work. Frame of mind is equally important as to technique and consistency to the program.

Pre PE: 5/8/04 BPEL 6.25" EG 5"

Goal: BPEL 7.5" EG 5.5"

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Originally Posted by iamaru
Sounds like you are wasting lots of time doing pretend research. Kind of like running around asking people that have never lifted weights whether or not doing so can give you larger muscles. You finally stumble into a gym and everyone tells you that it does work. They even offer to show you how to do it! You then spend 3 weeks doing a crap routine that you made up on your own.

Do the newbie routine for 3 months.
START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

That had me in stitches.I’m going to put that one in the so funny it’s true folder.

I really wished that I’d taken pictures before I started a couple of years ago. The problem is, I wasn’t really convinced it would work. I just experimented and just kept going with it.

Over time I adjusted things and learned how to do things better until I started noticing my EQ was going off the charts. That’s what told me I was doing something beneficial.

I didn’t want to measure then because I had it in my mind that to do so, and not see any results, would be discouraging, like I was just fooling myself.
That was stupid because it does work if you just keep getting better at it, learning a little more and learn what works for YOU.

Also, I have noticed that even when I’ve tried to start measuring, it kills my erection faster than anything. As soon as I even think of a ruler or tape measure, it’s like trying to take a picture of sasquatch. ( It was just here a minute ago I swear it! ). In a non-sexual setting, my interest can get distracted mighty fast.

Besides all that, I have gained. It started with greater fuller erections. I’ve done mostly manual exercises as I feel I can control the pressure/movement/stretch better.
I also found that by doing girth exercises I saw greater results quicker than length exercises. I already had lots of length but girth exercises gave me girth quicker, plus a little more length as well.

I feel that in a lot of ways, I’m just maximizing the potential size that was possible already ( that I’d never seen before ) and now using that as a base to increase a little each time.

Proof? I don’t have any. Even pictures can be doctored but I wouldn’t tell you all of this and spent all that time doing these things if it didn’t work after the first year. ( O.k so maybe I’d be a fool for a year first. I’ll give you that! ; ). I just thought I’ll try it and see what happens. What’s there to lose?
I will end up posting pics eventually as I want to show off some of my hard work. I’ll just have to keep something great to look in front of me as I’m doing it to keep it hard.

If you get nothing else from this, at the very least, common sense should tell you that getting the best erections you’ve ever had are worth the work. Then later you can decide to keep going for more. Keep looking for what works for you. It’s an experiment. You don’t lose anything you just gain. Hopefully.

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Hey Juno, if you decide to proceed with a PE routine, be sure to take starting pictures. I wish I had. Then a year from now when a newby asks for proof, you will be in a position to provide picture proof.

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Nope, sorry, PE doesn’t work. Nothing to see here. Move along. ;)

“The truth is out there”

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As in loss of sensation, I like that I can fuck a girl first time and last all night, thats a good thing. Comming feels better as well.

I’d say that after I took two weeks off for injury I found that I got more gains as the penis was conditioned. What evs

I am living proof PE works, it has been faithful to me as I have been faithful to it.

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