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PE is impossible THE TRUTH


This trend of not putting spaces after sentence dividers is growing. I don’t understand why.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Originally Posted by SonnyC
Isn’t the OP sarcastically ripping doctors, therefore saying PE is possible?
Why is everyone telling him to stop smoking?

Because sometimes sarcasm floats over peoples heads when they are so intently focused on jelqing with their heads down.

The great elm.

Did somebody mention my name? -_-

PE is driving people crazy…

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Originally Posted by Gainomaxamoniag
Not all doctors says that it is impossible. But many of them don’t recommend PE, often because they don’t know how it works.

The hands can not be bigger. But anyway, the people who works much with the hands often get bigger hands. How?

Its a little bit the same thing. There isn’t a muscle to train but many other things can be stretched out and can get bigger. I don’t feel that its necessary to tell you everything because I don’t think you will really care…

I’d be interested to know more… :)

Older people (35-55) have larger, thicker hands, thicker wrists, and thicker fingers than young adults ~20-25 year olds, now why is that.

Even if doctors would know about PE as much as we know, they would recommend it to be done only under medical supervision. Not only for the profit, but because from a medical point of view PE is risky.

We know injuries may happen and some experienced injuries. There is a fair amount of risk involved, because we are still in a stage of making experiments. Even with the newbie routine (fairly well described) some manage to injure themselves by overdoing.

I don’t blame doctors for not advertising PE. For most of us it’s not a health problem, anyway.

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Originally Posted by rotar
Perhaps some of you think “but they couldn’t all be liars here!”. Perhaps some of you gained a inch or more and now think that “it is possible”.But you are all wrong!Why?Because doctors are telling that it is impossible and you all know they know everything! They save lives,they help people,they just want you too be healthy. Medicine will save as all! I am sorry to say but I am apparently crazy!Because I still see that my dick is 1 inch bigger,I still see people dying from cancer I still see that if you are healthy than you are taking away money from your doctor.I still see that when you are sick they give you only two options:medicine(drugs) and surgery.Why do I see that I can help my self!I must be crazy,how can I help me when I am not a doctor?! Lets imagine this(you don’t have to,you can just read it):you take a glass,fill it with some water ,detergent,gasoline,sewage.. And drink it. Hmm you are not feeling ok?/go to doctor he will help you. Take some nice drugs.Lets imaging drugs help you,but you again drink a glass of all that and you go again and again and again.Finally he says you need operation.So you do that,but you continue to drink same thing day after another and continue to go to your doctor.He now has two cars,pharmaceutical company loves you and still you are not better but even worse. So how could you help your self? Why are you sick?Why is there so much cancer and all other diseases?Could it be the bad air,water,food,medicine(drugs),.? No it is not that,just ask your doctor he will tell you the TRUTH:it`s your genes!,and pore a another glass.

Pull the other one, it got bells on it ;)

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

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