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PE injury

PE injury

I practiced a program of stretching an jelqing for about three months. I started to notice pain in my penis and decreased erectile function a few weeks ago, so I stopped the exercises. Then last week after sex I woke up with an even greater pain in my penis. During the week my penis began to lose it’s flexibility in the flaccid state and it is nearly impossible for me to get an erection. It is like my penis is tight and “locked up”. I went to a urologist and he just said it was because of stress and nerves, but I know this is not true. Please help if you have some advice.

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What kinds of routine were you doing?

Where exactly is the pain? When you have the pain is it constant or shooting?

Have you managed to get a full erection since this started at all?

Re: The loss of flexibility in the flaccid state. Is your flaccid longer than it was, does the penis seem tougher and more veiny?

I did a warm-up, then some stretching, and about 100 jelqs about three times a week for about three months. I am worried because I think I had too great of an erection some of the time when I was jelqing.

The pain has been dull, not shooting. It was worse last week after I woke up following sex. The pain seems to have gotten better in my penis but now there seems to be nerve pain in the area between my anus and testicles. My flaccid penis appeared to be bigger but this week it has just tightened up and now it looks smaller. It is not flexible like it should be. It feels like the muscle may be constantly flexed or maybe blood isn’t`t circulating correctly. The urologist said he thought my vessels and tissues were normal after some testing but I know the condition of my penis is not normal. I have been able to get an erection but it takes a lot of manual stimulation. When I do get an erection it seems bigger in the past. But I have had no spontaneous or night time erections.

I am really worried about this.

OK, three month of PE even light PE will effect the state of your flaccid penis. You can expect it to seem less flexible. It may not fall in the same way. All this is normal.

Having too great an erection level is more likely to produce immediate and visible injury.

So there’s no pain in the testicles?

You could definately locate the pain in your penis and it has definately moved since then? With a low throbbing pain it can sometimes be hard to locate the centre effectively.

Night time erections are easily missed, even when you are having them as normal. You can check this by wrapping something that will easily break when your penis is erect around the flaccid penis. People use a row of stamps or some tissue paper for this.

A constantly flexed muscle is unlikely. You can probably test for this by flexing and seeing if that makes a difference.

Don’t be too worried. I know it may seem bad but from what you’ve said so far I think this will be transient. You did the right thing by going to a urologist. Did you tell him what you had been up to?

Just confirm for me. Have you managed to get a full blown erection since this started?

The color of you penis is normal right, you are getting reasonable blood flow?

Have you been doing anything with your penis since this happened? Massage etc?

How old are you?

Thanks for your info. I have at time felt pain in my testicles, but it wasn’t`t sharp or often, so I wasn’t`t too concerned. The pain was basically throughout the shaft of my penis. As I said, it now seems to be affecting the nerves between my testicles and anus. I have read that those nerves affect the nervous system regulating erection, etc.

I have been able to get erections, but my ability seems to have declined during the week. It now takes a lot of physical stimulation, and sexual thoughts, etc that used to affect it don`t even move it now. I haven`t seen my girlfriend at all this week because I just know I wouldn’t`t be able to get an erection to have sex and I don`t want to explain the problem. I told the urologist I thought the situation was due to trauma caused during my sleep or rough intercourse.

The color of my penis seems normal. I originally went to the urologist because I was worried about circulation. He says it is normal. He did an ultrasound and another test where he injected some hormone into it. But I am not sure that the circulation is OK. Since this problem I have been doing some hot wraps and massages which help, but my penis returns to it’s stiff flaccid state soon after. I know a different flaccid penis is normal after PE, but this happened so quickly—and after I stopped PE—and seems so abnormal that I am really concerned.

I read on this website about injuries people suffered from PE and it really worried me.

OK. Ignore anything you’ve read at actionlove.con. The guy who runs that is a doctor but not of medicine (He has a civil engineer phd). Read this: Exposing Dr. Lin

You keep ignoring half my questions which makes this harder. So rather than giving you one possibility I’ll give you three potential causes.

The first and, given your answers so far, most likely is plaque. The chance of this increases with age. The solution is (and you’re not going to like this) to jelq. Not only to jelq but to jelq behind the balls (search on BTB jelqing for more info) basically with a reasonable erection and thumb and forefinger you need to do your best to replicate what you would do on the outer shaft. Search on plaque for more info. Also heat and massage are good.

The second is entirely psychological. When we PE we start paying way too much attention to our dicks. This is good and bad. Good because we can note things occurring, bad because we sometimes mistake the normal for the catastrophic. The flaccid thing is imo normal.

The third is nerve damage. From your description thus far this is possible but unlikely. If you have this it takes a long time potentially to heal.

Please note that this is my opinion and you may want to add more detail or wait for others before you act.

Sorry. I thought I had answered your questions. One that I missed was my age—I am 29. I have also worried about the legitimacy of that website. So I will check it out.

One question about the plaque—I asked the urologist about that possibility and he said the ultrasound would pick up on any scaring in the penis. After the test he said there was no scar tissue. Do you know if that test really would pick up on the scar tissue? Or is it possible that I do have scar tissue that it couldn`t detect?

Thanks so much for your help.

Plaque and scarring are not the same thing. Plaque is something that causes obstruction in the veins/artieries and can be broken up and moved on with jelqing. Do try a search on plaque you will come across at least one interesting case history. Also google on “plaque blood” and you’ll hit all the heart related plaque links.

I know ultrasound is used to find scarring in the uterous, so it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch. Other than that I don’t know.

At 29 plaque is potentially a problem but that also depends on if you are 外人 just living in Japan, then it’s more likely.

Dude, don’t be so suspicious about what the urologist told you. If anyone knows how penile function works and how it can be injured, it is certainly the urologist.

You’re too stressed out. Trust the urologist. Trust the force, Luke.

I was reading on a forum about a guy who had the same type of injury as me—his penis got compressed in the flaccid state, and it was very difficult to get hard. He lost his libido and his organ seemed unresponsive. He apparently hadn`t healed after more than a year. Does anyone know anything more about this type of injury?


Take some time off. I’m sure you will recover in a short period of time. Report us how it develops. But keep believing in PE!

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