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PE in the bath tub

PE in the bath tub

Greetings all,

I just found this site not long ago. But searching through warm-up techniques, jelqing, stretching, etc., I was wondering if the best place to do these things would be in a bath tub with baby oil. It seems it would give the lubrication needed for jelqing and maybe use latex gloves for stretching. Please advise advise me. Thanks in advance!

I’ve never found baby oil to be a useful lube. I know some people like it; however, it seems too abrasive for my personal preference. I like regular old KY or cocoa butter lotion. Being an oil, baby oil will survive having water splashed all over it in the the tub a little better than lotion or KY (which can vanish seconds after being submersed).

My favorite way of warming up is to either take a bath and then do my PE after exiting the tub, or to simply put some water in a glass at a temperature I am comfortable with and pressing it against my pubic area. The glass pressing against my pubic fat holds the water in, my penis is sufficiently heated, and—for whatever reason—this has always caused me to have a very nice limp hang after my warm-up. Few things penis-related make me as happy as looking down at my own limp cock looking large.

Oh, I’m also a big fan of latex gloves. Great for stretching.

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I’ve tried it a few times and by now would definitely say it’s a bad idea.

You’ll probably get bored pretty fast (unless you have a TV or something in your bathroom), catch a cold and waste a lot of water (and therefore money) in the process. I’ve had my best experiences with Vaseline, but if you prefer a water-soluble lubricant, then fill a small bowl of water and have it around while you exercise.

I find a strip of toilet paper is just as good as a latex glove — it’s cheaper, and won’t cut off your blood circulation.

Thanks for input guys. I’ll give your ideas a try.

Warming up in the bath works for me ,and baby oil is the lube I’m using.

But I’m only a beginner .I might have to try other types of lubes, because oil don’t last very long.

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I’ve tried clamping while in a hot bath. Does anyone else do that and is it better to clamp in the bath or not in the bath? I would suspect it would be better since your dick is constantly in contact with the hot/warm water which would always expand the veins and make blood flow easier, which would then make better clamping results. Is this logic plausible?

Yes potentially, but remember we are also motoring the temperature and colour of our dicks while in the bath. Pretty hard to do whens its submerged in hot water.

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Motoring? Do you mean monitoring?

So you’re saying we will get discoloration at a faster rate?

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