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PE helping quality of erection and in other ways

PE helping quality of erection and in other ways

I of course am estatic about the gains I have made here doing the suggested newby routine. I also wanted to praise the PE gods for what seems to be just overal better penis health. I wake up in the morning with a raging hard on that is definately harder and more intense and swolen than before. I feel like I could cut diamonds.

While trying not to get too graphic, I also noticed something the other day that was a total plus in the relationship department. As my partner was giving me head she went to take it all in like usual (she is awsome on the occassion I get head) and I could feel I was further in to the back of her throat. All of this was making her gag slightly which never happened before. Even better she didnt seem to mind, she could tell I liked it and pulled me in even further in as I kegaled to make it grow even bigger. “THANK YOU PE GODS!!!”

This also made me think of some other posts here when guys mention that confidense is so very important to turning a woman on. It is apparent that they want to turn you on and want you to tell or show them without being tenative about it. We have been together forever and I am finally realizing its not just pleasurable for me, it is for them as well.

Great site, Great Newby routine, Great Moderators, Great Senior Members helping out in the Newby Forum!

Spruce & Sapling

My one month progress:

Started 11/05/06:
EG = 4 3/4

On 12/05/06: (measured after PE)
NBPEL = 5 3/4
EG = 5 7/16

Is the girth of 5 7/16 correct? An inch in a month? Nice! (Granted, post workout means it was probably all nice and swollen, but it’s still great to see what it’s capable of!)


6-22-08: 7.5' BPEL, 7' NBPEL, 7.75' BPSFL, 5.25' EG

Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL

Hi UberGoober, I agree, some is because of it being post workout, but there is a big difference. I cant wait to measure again after two months and get some solid numbers post workout and pre-workout as well, I guessing pre-workout is probably a more honest measurement and the way I plan to log my changes in the future.

I notice a huge big in flaccid width and length as well, even though I wasn’t all that concerned with that to start I am definitely digging it now!

11/5/06 Started
NEG: 4 1/4

NBPNEL: 3 1/2
BPNEL: 4 9/16
NEG: 4 1/2

Go spruce. Keep makin your gains bro, do you follow the newb routine exactly?

Brilliant news Spruce!

Yes confidence is key! I try to break down all barriers in the bedroom with my lass, the sloppier the better! ;)

Agree with you on the penis health point too. I’ve been at it barely 2 weeks and already it seems healthier. More erections for no reason and every time it’s rock hard as if I was getting head.

Thanks folks, xxcalisocaxx my routine is below, it has increased to this after starting with the exact newby routine for first month.

Mon, Tues, off wed, Thurs, Fri, off sat and sun. Just doing it by the book for the most part.

Warm wrap 5 min, stretch up, down, left, right, out. 2 sets of 30-45 sec each position. Also do V stretches up and down.

Wet Jelq, I’m trying 5 min each position: regular straight out, overhand and downward to left, right, and straight. Then upward to the left right and straight up toward belly button. Sometimes kind of mix in a v stretch into my straight out Jelq if that makes sense. (Damn, I guess that more like 35 minutes)

When finished I squeeze at the base and hold that for a minute or so x 2.
After that sometimes I do sitting BTC stretch for.well until I need to get up, usually 15 -20 minutes.


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