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PE Habit


Why not trying to be consistent in this: ‘I’, not ‘i’, when referring to yourself: YOUCANdothis, right ? :)

One last word: Don’t give up PE, or any thing else, if you fail.
You may fail once, twice, or what ever, but keep trying. Maybe this time will be different.

But, of course, if you plan to start PE and then you think like “maybe I’m going to wait for another month” with no reason, then you are not on the right way to a bigger penis. You have to change your way of thinking.

I don’t understand how you can tell a guy “you can increase the size of your penis with a little work” and he NOT do it. Finding about PE was such a godsend for me because all you hear from doctors is that it is not possible to increase the size of your penis without surgery. PE isn’t even as hard as working out. There is no diet needed, no trainer, cardio, weights (lol well for some), no driving to the gym; you can grow your penis all from the comfort of your own home. It’s really amazing to me I have to stop myself from bringing it up to friends and co-workers all the time lol.

Co-signed misterthickness.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I failed like 10327 times to keep myself consistent on my PE’s routine, for several reasons.
But I’m keep trying , and one day I’m going to be able to follow a routine ! Or my name isn’t Rudolph Von Inhering! lol :D

Just joking, but really I’m still fighting against my own laziness to focus on my routine, and I’m sure that I’ll be out of it victorious o/.

One day I'll be able to do PE o/


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