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PE gains whilst overweight

PE gains whilst overweight

Anyone care to explain if weight can impact gains ?

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It doesn’t necessarily impact gains, but what is does impact is the visual component. It won’t look as big with a “spare tire”.

My wonderful spouse is 40 pounds to heavy and he has gained, so it doesn’t stop gains just what it looks like.

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I was watching a CFNM video where the women were measuring this guy that, they agreed, looked huge.
His flaccid length was 3” (still looking huge) and his erect length was 5.5 - 6.” They were using rulers and measuring tapes.

He looked enormous. If it wasn’t for the accuracy of the measuring devices you could easily have said he was 8”. In fact he said he was. The thing is they were all very impressed.

The thing is, he was so skinny and scrawny. It just made him look huge.

-Going on a diet.

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