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PE gains permanence

PE gains permanence

I have read here that once you make a gain you have to “cement” it by doing several additional weeks with the intensity gradually reduced. But I have also come across some threads saying how the gains will not remain if you stop PE. Has anyone stopped PE for an extended period and noticed this un themselves? How permanent can I expect the gains to be if one day I cease doing the routine?

I’ve never lost gained girth but do have a half inch of length that comes and goes.

But I did well with PE and have a lot to spare. That half-inch isn’t critical. And I know that when I want it back, it returns after a brief return to PE.

Keep in mind, though, that I stayed with active PE for some years. And I don’t believe this is something you can jump into for a brief period, make some gain, then expect it to stay with you. This is about the creation of new tissue. That takes time.



I lost substantial gains during an extended break from PE, approx. 3/4” in length but nothing noticable in girth. After 2 months of PE I’ve regained about half my losses.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I bet the people who are losing size are just losing erection quality and have gained weight. I’d like to see a very physical man quit pe, but keep working out and see if size is lost.

I would imagine that PE gains would be similar to muscle gains, i.e. if you stop using them, you lose them.

If a guy works out until he’s huge and then stops using his muscles, he will gradually shink back to size. This is the body’s way of conserving energy. Muscles require increasingly more energy as they get larger, this is why bodybuilders eat so much, whether or not they do aerobic exercise (we runners just burn off everything regardless :) ). Anyway, the body gets rid of muscles it doesn’t use to save energy. Remember, our bodies are programmed for survival in the wild, not next door to a grocery store.

I imagine PE would be similar, even if only including the muscles involved. I suppose if that is the case, then some form of edging and kegals should be enough to maintain your gains. But, if the rest of the penis reacts the same way, then other exercises would have to be continued as well.

Just my thoughts/stuff I learned in biology the other day.


"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


great logic! ;)

Stats measured from 15/9/08: *bpel: 5.75" *Eg: 4.5"

Current: *bpel: 5.75" *Eg: 4.75"

Long term goal: *7x6!* - You know, if you really want to please a healthy woman, all you need is love, honestly. But hey, why not have a big **** too?

I’ve always figured some cementing/maintenance would be necessary in the long-run. The real question is how often it should be done. When, if ever, I reach my goal and begin to cement, I think I’ll try weening back to twice a week of light exercises and keep a log.

Also, it seems that guys lose length, not girth. So it’s possible that a length-only maintenance program would do the job, which could just be some simple manual stretching.

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