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PE for those who are stuck in a desk all day

PE for those who are stuck in a desk all day

I’m sure this has probably been touched on before, but I cannot come up with much using the “Search” button. I work daily from 7:30am - 6:00pm. I work in an office building and sit a a cubicle for most of the day. I would love to get some PE in, while I’m at work. I was thinking about PE weights as an ADS, but I doubt they are very effective when sitting down. I own a Vacu-Hanger, which could be strapped to the leg. This is the best idea i have come up with so far. Any ideas please fire my way. Thanks!


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Doing your kegel routine in office would not be much of a problem. Also doing some piss pulls at the bathroom is an option. Finally you could do 5-10 minutes of jelqing at the bathroom, if anyone asks a question, just say that you take a crap.

bigcat I know this isn’t to everyone’s liking, but is getting up an hour earlier an option for you? I don’t know how long you have to telecommute, though, so if you’re already awake at 5:00 am this would be a bad idea.

Another idea: Reserve an empty conference room and have some hot female coworker help you out with the exercises - just fit your PE in as a part of your official duties :D

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

You could put a hook and pulley under your desk and hang weights, straight out. If you have a lot of people coming in and out of your cubicle, that might be a problem.

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Get some hot pictures in your desktop? then try this: My Clamp Device

BigCat, I would look into the VacExtender, I just got mine a few days ago and its great! You can use the elastic strap that comes with it and an S hook and attach it to your knee or you can wrap it around your waist and attach it to a belt loop on your pants. The Vacu Hanger may be a little to big and might be seen?? The great thing about an ads is it takes almost no time out of your life. Its almost totally passive

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