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PE for micropenis


PE for micropenis

Hi there I am new to the forum and would love some feedback and comments on what exercises to do and how long to do them for. My penis is an inch flaccid so I really need some help increasing the size and girth. I have my first lads holiday next July and really don’t want it to be an embarrassment! Anyone in the same boat that can help me with what to do? Thanks for taking the time to read this. It is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for the reply. Shall I do one of each of those stretches an then ten minutes of jelqing? Will that be enough? Thanks

Ok thank you great! Been looking so hard for a way to increase penis size and now I have found this I am very excited!

For the newbie routine should I do one of each stretch and then the BTC stretch? My apologies for all the questions but I am jut desperate to increase and want to ensure I am doing it correctly. Thanks!

Liam just to give you a head start so you don’t have to make the mistakes that I did in which I had to learn from i’ll give you these tips.

1: Warming up your penis before stretching and jelqing is very important and a guy on this forum posted once about the penis needing a certain temperature of heat in the tunica for it to enhance the elongation ( I don’t know exactly what it was because I cant remember ) but bottom line put the tap on (hot water), put a cloth under it and get it hot and apply it until your penis is supple and a little more loose and feeling heavier might I say ( don’t keep it on your penis if it’s burning you, I mean a hot heat but nothing painful you know ).

2: DON’T JELQ WITH SHAMPOO ha. I did on the first day and my skin went red and peeled and was all back to normal 3-4 days later. I use vaseline now.

3:Never rush - If you want to rush you can think again. Every time you jelq and/or stretch think to yourself ” now to spend some quality time with you know who and go to work on it “. Take it slow… slow strokes in jelqing. 3-4 seconds each.

4: Don’t think during an exercise ” oh it’s not looking an inch or two longer than normal so i’m going to give up because it doesn’t look much longer ” consider it a job/hobby/something that has to be done daily and get on with everything else then.

Good luck mate - It will probably be 2 , 3 or 4 months when you get a 0.5 inch gain or more.

Ingenious reader, thank you do much for such an in depth reply it is greatly appreciated! I will follow these steps with immense optimism and will thank you again one day I’m sure!

And last.. don’t push your self to an workout because your mind says so but your body don’t. It’s better to take a day off, instead to force your self into an workout that no doin good. Listen to your body.. our minds often playing tricks on us.

Best of luck!

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

Thanks Mr. Lover for the reply. I hope I can gain both penis size and confidence. I really hope this works. I’m not after the huge penis just one that isn’t laughable.

If there is anyone on this forum that is experienced at PE and has a micro penis. It would be great to hear from someone that was in the same boat as me but has seen gains. Would love some reassurance! Thanks

One other thing, quality jelqs are better than quantity jelqs.

Thanks Dude151 for posting the link for our new member.

Originally Posted by Liam95
If there is anyone on this forum that is experienced at PE and has a micro penis. It would be great to hear from someone that was in the same boat as me but has seen gains. Would love some reassurance! Thanks

Not Micro, but let’s just say I come up short too.

The Newbie routine is designed to strengthen your penis to be able to withstand the punishment it will take in the later routines. You can still get gains with the newbie routine, but I saw my biggest gains (pun intended) when I started hanging AFTER I did the newbie routine for five months pretty religiously.

I tried hanging before I really got serious with the newbie routine but my body just wasn’t ready for it. Take the time, warm up, Stretch and Jelq, then Jelq and stretch some more and you will see a difference. Don’t do a disservice to your body and jump into an advanced routine before its ready. It’s kinda like taking one karate class and then trying to jump into an Ultimate fighter match, nothing good can come of it.

On a side note, if it is truly clinical MP, have you spoken with a doctor? I know there are different things they can do that may help with this condition.

Best of luck!

Michelles. Thank you, I considered jumping straight in but now I won’t so thanks! And yes got an appointment but am rather scared and embarrassed but going to give it a try as I am desperate now. So have you gained well? Thanks again mate!

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