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PE for 1 month

PE for 1 month

Well, it’s been 1 month since I started PE’ing. I have gained somewhere about .25 inches in length and girth. I measured about 3 times today just to make sure.

Started BPEL = 5.25, now BPEL = 5.5
Started Girth = 4.5, now 4.75.

I can actually pump my PC muscle a couple of times and get it even bigger, BPEL = 6.00 & EG = 5.00. But, I fell the “pumped” measurements is cheating a little.

I am using the newbie routine. 2 days on, one day off
-I warm up using hot water in a cup.
-I manually stretch for 10 min, 30 sec at a time in the straight out, right, left, down, and than up directions. I crank up the pulling force about 2 minutes in.
-I jelq 20 mins about some where around 40% to 80% erect.
-I warm up again about 5 minutes using the cup of hot water.

I noticed much harder erections during sex with my wife. I stay erect longer also (2 hr the other day). She was sore as hell the next morning. It put a smile on my face when she wobbled into the bathroom.
I noticed I am much more flexible (ligament wise at least). I can now do arm under the leg stretches. I forgot what they are called.
I noticed my veins are larger.
No injuries or discolorations or spots so far. It’s little more purple in color from jelq’ing I guess.
I have a “nice” sore feeling after jelq’ing. So I think I am doing them correctly.

I am also on a mission to loose 50 to 60 lbs. I am 6’2, and today, I finely loss enough weight to be under 270 lbs. I had been over 270 since my college days 12 yrs ago. I lift weights on and off all my life, so going to the gym is easy. I just never did enough cardio. So, I have been running the steps at the Griffin football stadium at UF (Gators). I also started to drink a 1 gal of water a day. It’s not as easy as you would think to drink that much water.

Congrats! Good stuff, I hope you continue gaining! :D

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Hey Devass congratulations on your gains my man.Your routine is similar to mine only I use the penimaster for three hours a day as well.

You have about the same size penis as me to, I will be looking out for your threads.

Where you from in Florida? my ex had Family there, in St Augustine and Jacksonvile, I loved it there.


Congratulations devass on your gains.Nice work! I also wish you much success with your weight lose.

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