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PE, Erection Angle and Inner Penis

PE, Erection Angle and Inner Penis

Hi, I am new to PE and I’d like to have some clarifications for a start in this amazing cock-development adventure !

I’d like to mostly develop my penis health above all and add around 0.5 inch in length. In the process I would like to keep a high erection angle and not pulling out any of my inner penis.

1) Does jelqing has any impact on erection angle and does it pull out the inner penis?
2) Is there any stretch that would not pull out the inner penis nor lower the erection angle ? Is it okay for newbies to do it ?

Thanks you very much for your time and help !

try jelqing toward the ceiling. It should put more of the stress on the tunica and less on the suspensory ligaments. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. A half an inch is a modest goal and should be easily doable with modest efforts. Just don’t pull too hard 😉

Thank you very much G263.

Which grip would you recommend for the jelqing ? (Cause I heard the OK grip could put to much stress on the dorsal vein)

Is there any stretch to focus on the tunica and not the ligs ?

Thank you again ;)

A lot of guys like the C grip, because it minimizes stress on the dorsal vein. I like it because it’s much easier on my hands. There’s a lot of information to be had in the Jelq videos. Check ‘em out.

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