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PE demonstration

PE demonstration

In two weeks I read a lot but never tried PE. Because I have few doubts. I know that to try it’s not expensive, but PE take many time.. And some people tell me more about it’s inefficacy, “the only results it’s a tumefaction that justify the results”.

But I think that a little demonstration can be very efficacious!! For everybody. So:

1) Somebody trie PE for a lot of time sufficient to reach result and, than, interrupt the PE? What about 6 mounth after? And 12? Results are been preserve? Which percentage?

2) An ingenuous question: my interesting it’s about girth because my penis is 18 cm lenght X 11 cm girth. Really not to much.. If I use PE with a stretching exercise too, my penis will be more thin or the growth cell it’s overall (girth too)?

Thanks to everybody, and excuse for the language.


1) reading the forum you’ll find a lot of information about that: most of the people preserves the gains. It’s too difficult give you statistical data :)
2) Talking by inches you are 7” EL and 4.4” EG. theoretically stretching don’t affect too much the girth. If you really want girth gains start to jelq!

don’t be scared :D and start PEing :) maybe a day you’ll repent that You didn’t start it before :P

I''do it

Ok, thanks for the info. Searching about results for not english mother language it’s complicate and very looooooooooooooooooooooooooong.

But it’s a way to learning the language too.

About my girth :( :( :(

Thanks for the tranlation cm to inch. 4 inch it’s not something to exibite (: or to be happy. Tonight I’ll try to increase my wurstel, maybe tomorrow, it coul’d not be stay in my slip.:)

Thanks again, bye.

Anyway, gains needs months to came :) therefore have a bit of patience ;)

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