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PE beginner with a medium LOT

PE beginner with a medium LOT

hi everyone, first time poster here. So after doing some reading on the site, I went to figure out my LOT. I get very minimal tugback at 9:00 and virtually none by 8:30, if i pull straight down (6:00) and do a kegal i get absolutely no movement whatsoever, until i come back around till the other direction (3:00).

If I’m doing this correctly (please tell me so) I figure have a medium LOT. So, assuming the I did the process correctly, how does that translate exactly stretching-wise. Searching around I only found advice for Low/high LOT guys, do i just combine the two?—(stretching to the side)—I’m still not sure if I should be primarily focusing on the tunica or the ligs first.

If there’s another thread that covers this exact same situation, please refer me to it, so no one has to retype their old answers.

thanks guys

ok, so I’m an idiot and calculated my LOT all wrong, I thought 9:00/3:00 was when the penis is stretched horizontally to either the left or the right respectively. Now that i understand the RIGHT way, I begin to lose tugback at 10:00 and and my head stops moving (while my base flexes) altogether at 9:30—so it looks like I’ve got some good lig gaining potential! Its on to downward stretching for me!
Love the site, and look forward to contributing what i can.

Starting measurements: 03/07/04
BPEL 7.65” NBPEL 6.9”
EG 5.25” below the glans/ 5” at the base

Goal measurements:
EG: 6.5”


*racks brain to think of Star Wars jokes*

Right on, stretch your Light Saber downwards and BTC. You have started with a good size, and you have good lig gain potential, but you are not a porn star yet.

I see you have constructed your own hanger. Your PE training is almost complete.

May the LOT be with you.

Grow or do not, there is no try.

When you gain, trust the ruler. Visually, you may not notice a difference. I have gained .75” and it looks exactly the same to me. It’s an old PE mind trick.


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