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PE before GYM

PE before GYM

What do you guys think? After a PE session you’re unit hangs down filled up with blood and while you work out at gym it’s getting smaller and the blood get’s back into the body! My expression sucks so I hope you know what I meant! :D

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I know exactly what you mean. Try wearing an ADS to prevent turtling.

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Or do your gym workout prior to your PE workout. It’s always nice to use the shower as a little warm-up time.

Just do whatever suits your schedule better. I almost never have post-workout hang/plump after stretching and jelqing and that didn’t prevent me from gaining almost 1” of length in ~1 year.

Originally Posted by raybbaby
It’s always nice to use the shower as a little warm-up time.

That’s waste of water.

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Originally Posted by 8inchnails

Do a pumping session before gym and make your regular PE routine afterwards.

Yea that make the other dudes feel small in the shower. :P

I work out in the morning although hardly anyone can do that. And do PE at night.

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I do PE in the morning while I drink my large glass of water so I can keep hydrated because I workout after PE and then head to work. I would workout first then PE since my blood would be flowing better,but its harder to get erection for me after working out. I get cramps if I do not drink water an hour before working out this is about how long my morning PE last too.

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