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Pe At Work


Avatar is coming soon, promise. I will be starting PE at work for sure, probably fowfers. I will be doing more research as to what exercises I can perform at work and not get fired for. Fowfers look like a good bet and I will continue my daily kegels, which is the only think I am doing right now. But I am writing this from home - my computer is running, hoRah. Actually reading the newbie shit right now and plan to do my first workout in the shower tomorrow - seems like the best time for me to do it, when I figure out which exercises work best for me and master them I’ll take my routine a little more serious and do it at night probably devote a least an hr to it.

Well, I guess even if you wear a long robe everyday, you need to be judicious when doing PE at work. Apparently, this gentleman was not! Be careful out there…

Judge him not

This is what I mean, guys. Don’t think people don’t notice your PE weights. They do. Even if they don’t, you’ll still feel weird and act weird with them on.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Heck, even when I clamp (at work), I feel self-conscious. And that’s minimal, equipment-wise. But a nice technique, in that it’s quick and easy to apply and doesn’t take long.

Thanks for all this info everyone. I’d like to revive this old-ass thread and ask if anyone here can post similar threads that are longer than 2 pages. I remember one thread that was like 7 pages long but I just cant find it anywhere.
I’m curious how I’m going to handle Extending for good enough hours with a 9-5 job. I’m thinking I’ll be able to get 6, maybe 7.5 hours in each day after work. I think 7.5 is ideal but that’s pushing getting to the point where I don’t get quite enough sleep every night, and that could be bad for possible injuries (not healing enough between sessions?) and working productively.

I’m experienced in extending, spent 4-5 months doing it but feel like I only had built up/learned how to do a good routine by the time the last month rolled around, so I only saw temporary gains.
Some helpful things I learned:
• My dick isn’t as fragile as I used to think it was
• I can do aiit on a 4 day on/1 day off routine, possibly and hopefully even more. I used to only do 2 days on, 1 day off for safety - not enough!
• I do best w a quick infa red warmup, 30 min in extender, take it out and shake, 1 hour in extender, take it out and shake, and then 1.5 hours at a time till I hit my time
• I can piss and shit with the extender on - I used to not know this and taking it off every time I went to the bathroom was a huge pain in the ass.

Any other fellow working bros with tips on how to get enough hours in would be great. Unfortunately I am sort of against extending at work - wearing fashionable-ish (well fitting) clothes causes my X4 labs to be visible under my pants at work, plus I’m with the mindset of MM on page 1 of this thread that it affects your performance at work and god damn it would just suck to get caught lol. So how do we accomplish this? Please teach me how to magically insert more hrs in the day, thx.

BTW, hi everyone, I haven’t been around here in a very long time but I’m glad to see some familiar faces (avatars, whatever) in the other threads.


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