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PE as treatment for Peyronie's disease

PE as treatment for Peyronie's disease

Hello everyone!

As is probably evident from the title, I am suffering from Peyronie’s disease. I’m in my mid-twenties, have had this condition since I can remember having an erection, but I am paying attention to it more and more as I’m becoming more sexually active. In fact, a few years ago I began looking around for treatments, which led me to discover jelqing as a potential treatment, which subsequently led me to discover PE, which ultimately brought me to this forum. Now, I must say that a simple routine involving jelqing and simple stretching did not prove effective since I began doing it about a year ago - with “prove effective”, I of course mean a reduction in the erection angle. So I began thinking if other approaches would perhaps be more efficient - specifically, if hanging would help, as it would stretch out the soft tissue and fibrous plaque growth(s) at the same time, for long periods of time, and with much more force than stretching?

There are some concerns that I have, and which I hope to have addressed here (perhaps by someone who is suffering from the same symptoms and has attempted this?). Mainly, does the soft tissue stretch/tear/heal in a different way than do the plaques that surround it to cause the symptoms? I ask this, as I then assume that if the plaques would stretch differently (less) the erection angle would only increase, as the growth in size would be mainly on the bottom side. Has anyone experienced a reduction in erection angles and/or curvature _before_ or _without_ length gains? This is my key goal (although of course I will not mind any gains ;) ).

Any suggestions would be welcome, as one of the benefits of PE - reaching great EQ - has proven to be all but beneficial in my case. I must note that the affected area is right by the pubic bone, which means that at full erection, my penis is touching my belly button, and has about 30 degrees of “give”.

Thank you!

Hmm ,, so your bend is right at the bone ,, other than that is your penis strait ? , have you talked to a doctor ?

King Snake, apply the correct grammar rules please.

Hi 7point3, I think hanging is not a good idea in your case, because no hanger will apply even force given the shape of your penis.Both vacuum pumps and extenders have been proven to give some benefit in the treatment of Peyronie’ disease, so I would suggest trying one of them. PABA is also suggested to be beneficial, but I’m not sure there is big amount of evidence.

Rules ? Really

Yeah, really.

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